Vaginoplasty Vs. Labiaplasty: Which Can Restore Sex Satisfaction?

Vaginoplasty Vs. Labiaplasty: Which Can Restore Sex Satisfaction?

Vaginoplasty Vs. Labiaplasty: Which Can Restore Sex Satisfaction?


Vaginoplasty Vs. Labiaplasty: Which Can Restore Sex Satisfaction?

Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty are different types of surgery. Both of them aim to improve the basic vaginal problem. However, some people decide to undergo this surgery with the aim of increasing sexual satisfaction. Then between the two, which vaginal surgery might increase female sexual satisfaction? Let's look at the following discussion.

What is vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a vaginal surgery that aims to restore your vagina to tighten again. This operation is intended to tighten the pelvic floor muscles of the woman that surrounds the vagina. This loose muscle condition is usually experienced by women who have undergone a normal process of pregnancy and childbirth. Both of these can indeed affect the elasticity and firmness of the vaginal muscles.

The purpose of this procedure is to give women more strength or control over the muscles between the vagina and pelvis. Where the results are expected to bring back greater satisfaction for women and their partners during sexual intercourse.

What is labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a vaginal surgery designed to repair the vaginal lips or also called the labia. Please note, if the labia of each woman is different in shape. Even sometimes, some women are sometimes not satisfied with the size of their vaginal lips. They consider this will reduce male arousal when having sex. For those of you who have this problem, you can do labiaplasty on your vaginal lips to make the size you want.

So, which vaginal surgery can increase sexual satisfaction?

According to the Women Wellness Institute, vaginal vaginoplasty surgery is an operation that can tighten the vagina. So that later after surgery and friction in the vagina during intercourse, women will get greater stimulation. This occurs when surgery is tightening the vaginal and pelvic muscles that have relaxed.

That's why, Dr. Wesley Braddy from the Dallas Clinic said, this operation could improve a woman's sex life. Scientific studies also conclude that almost 90 percent of women feel that their self-confidence and libido are increasing due to the tightening of their sex organs. Although not 100 percent of women get sexual satisfaction again after doing vaginoplasty.

Whereas in a recent study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as quoted by the Medical Daily, said that labiaplasty can cause certain psychological effects for its patients.

Researchers did find increased confidence because the shape of the labia they felt was perfect. However, it is not the condition of their sex life. It is still unknown why the cause, but researchers also make observations as to why this can happen.

Allegedly, these women tend to experience high expectations with labiaplasty that has been undertaken. However, their hopes for this goal are sometimes unrealistic. Although further investigation is needed, researchers reason that these women may believe labiaplasty can make them more confident and satisfied when having sex. So if this doesn't happen, they feel dissatisfied.

It is important for doctors to ascertain the reasons for someone undergoing labiaplasty so that they can be guided to other forms of treatment that may be more useful, such as psychological therapy for example.

Sexual satisfaction eventually returns to each person

Based on the comparison above, vaginoplasty feels more effective in getting sexual satisfaction again. However, again there are things to consider too. Satisfaction can be obtained according to the purpose of your vaginal surgery. If you really want to rejuvenate your genitals because of the effects of age, doing vaginoplasty will make you sexually satisfied.

Whereas if your goal is to improve the condition of your vagina that makes you believe down, labiaplasty can be one of the answers. If the procedure you are doing is as intended, then sexual satisfaction will also follow along with the success of your vaginal surgery.

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