Try This Powerful Trick So That No Longer Forgot to Bring Important Items

Try This Powerful Trick So That No Longer Forgot to Bring Important Items

Try This Powerful Trick So That No Longer Forgot to Bring Important Items


Who is, who is not familiar with this one scenario: You have already been halfway or even arrived at your destination, eh! Suddenly remembered that the laptop or important files that were supposed to be done that day were left at home. As a result, you have to turn back again or ask for help to be delivered by the sending courier service. Often forget to bring important items that really sucks. But no need to go down. There is one simple trick that you can do so that you are no longer labeled forgetful by friends.

Natural memory strategies help you not to forget often

Even though you've tried to remember it, surely there are still items that often forget to carry. According to a study published in the Journal of Memory and Cognition, there is a special trick that can help someone who often forgets. This trick is called unitization or the researchers call it a natural memory strategy. Unitization is linking the relationship between two different objects to create a new scenario, which you can imagine the consequences of causation. Confused?

This is simple: You often forget to bring an umbrella ( first thing ), even though the weather is uncertain. Now, try hanging the umbrella directly on the front door handle of your house ( second object ). So the next time you will go outside the house, you can immediately see the umbrella and take it away with you. Really, it's that simple?

Unitization itself according to the researchers works in three stages: combination, motion, and understanding of the sequence of actions or consequences. This unitization method will unconsciously build a relationship in your brain between the umbrella and the door ( combination ). Once you leave, the brain will connect the umbrella and door with "outdoor activities", and "outdoor activities" will remind you to lock the door ( understanding of the consequences ). That way, this will make you remember two things at once namely carrying an umbrella before going out and locking the door ( sequence and motion ).

This trick can be applied to any object that you consider important to carry and not to be left behind. For example, put your handphone near the office bag so that when you leave early in the morning, you will automatically take your handphone and office bag immediately, without having to think long.

Why does this trick help you to remember?

Human memory is actually influenced by many things, two of which are short-term and long-term memory.

Long-term memory is information that is stored for a long time. Long-term memory can be unconscious, such as how to operate a computer or drive a vehicle, but it can also be a memory of information or knowledge that you have in school days, or past events. This memory is often not realized, but can be raised again if needed or if there are triggers related to that memory.

While short-term memory is usually in the form of relatively new information and only lasts 18-30 seconds. Therefore, short-term actions can be lost easily if they are not re-accessed, not needed, or replaced by new information that is considered more important. Forgot to bring items is usually caused by "scorched" your short-term memory on this matter, for example because your focus is diverted by the telephone ringing or horrendous news on the tv that morning. Or it could be because you mistakenly put the item somewhere.

This is the reason why getting used to unitizing tricks can help strengthen your short-term memory. If often accessed, short-term memory can turn into long-term memory.

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