Try the Neutropenic Diet That Can Increase Endurance

Try the Neutropenic Diet That Can Increase Endurance

Try the Neutropenic Diet That Can Increase Endurance


Try the Neutropenic Diet That Can Increase Endurance

Have you tried this new one? Yes, this neutropenic diet appears with distinctive characteristics and principles, different from other diets. Curious about what is a neutropenic diet? Check out the following review.

What is a neutropenic diet?

A neutropenic diet is a principle of eating that aims to reduce bacterial contamination that enters food. So, neutropenic diet is a diet that is believed to help the body avoid infection.

In fact, this diet is quite often recommended for people who have cancer, because their bodies are very susceptible to infection. This diet is also good for people who have poor immune conditions, especially for people who experience neutropenia.

Neutropenia is a condition when the body cannot produce enough white blood cells (neutrophils) (the number of neutrophils is below normal). Neutrophils are white blood cells that function to protect the body from infection. If the number of neutrophils is small, the immune system will decrease, eventually the body is susceptible to disease.

In order to get away from infectious diseases, the main principle of a neutropenic diet is to avoid raw foods and those that are not cooked properly. In addition, in applying this diet you also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of ingredients and cutlery.

How do you apply the neutropenic diet?

In essence, foods that must be avoided are all foods that are not perfectly cooked or still raw such as salads, half-cooked eggs, and other foods that are served raw.

While what you can eat is:

  • Milk. All milk pastes and other dairy products include cheese, yogurt and ice cream.
  • Pati. All mature sources of starch are allowed. For example, pasta, bread, cereals, sweet potatoes, corn, potatoes. As long as all the ripe is safe for consumption
  • Vegetables. All vegetables cooked safely.
  • Fruit. All fresh fruit, canned fruit and fruit juice are allowed. Previously all fruits must be washed and peeled cleanly
  • Protein. Cooked meat until completely cooked and canned meat. Boiled eggs are also safe for consumption
  • Drinks. All cooked water, canned drinks or bottles can also be consumed. However, make sure there is no contamination with raw water. For example, using ice cubes from raw water while drinking.

Choose foods that are kept tightly closed compared to open foods.

Some things to prepare before starting a neutropenic diet

Before you start a neutropenic diet there are a number of things that you must pay attention to to process food safely and keep it clean. Remember, the main purpose of carrying out this diet is to reduce contamination from bacteria or viruses through food or drink. So that needs to be done is:

  • Get used to washing your hands before eating, after leaving the toilet, and after doing outdoor activities.
  • Ensure that all eating and cooking utensils are always clean.
  • Avoid raw foods, especially meat and half-cooked eggs. Cook all ingredients until cooked.
  • Wash fresh fruit and vegetables before eating or peeling, avoid well water if it has not been filtered or boiled. Safer bottled water, especially those already labeled as distilled water, or well-filtered water.

Try the Neutropenic Diet That Can Increase Endurance

Neutropenic diets not only regulate food, but also process it

When preparing food

When preparing a neutropenic diet food, make sure the cutting board, knife, and other tools are different for both cooked and raw food. This is done to prevent cross contamination.

  • Ideally, you should have 3 types of cutting boards, for example differentiated in 3 colors. One color for raw meat, one cutting board for cooked meat, and one for other foods such as vegetables.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables all sides before eating.
  • Wash food cans before you open them.
  • Place the meat and poultry meat in the refrigerator (chiller), not at room temperature. Bacterial growth will occur very quickly at room temperature.
  • Make sure all the food to be eaten is thoroughly heated

When heating food

  • Foods that have been heated must be eaten 24 hours after being heated.
  • Don't heat food that has been made more than once.
  • Eat rice immediately after cooking. And avoid reheating cooked rice, because reported in The Association of UK Dietitians, there are spores from the bacteria Bacillus cereus and Bacillus subtilis on rice which can cause disease.

Can this diet really prevent infection?

Based on current findings, indeed there is not enough research as evidence of a neutropenic diet effectively preventing infection from bacteria or viruses. However, some institutions such as the Cancer Oncology Nursing Society and Comprehensive Cancer Network adopt this diet as a recommendation.

Although there is not enough evidence that this diet is able to ward off infection, this diet can invite people to pay attention to the cleanliness of their food to avoid bacteria or viruses that easily infect the human body.

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