Tricks for Quick Memorization: Direct Sports After Learning

Tricks for Quick Memorization: Direct Sports After Learning

Tricks for Quick Memorization: Direct Sports After Learning


Tricks for Quick Memorization: Direct Sports After Learning

When doing an exam, you may have suddenly forgotten the answers to certain questions. In fact, you have studied hard all night. Or you are giving an important speech in public, but you suddenly forget a few points that must be delivered. In fact, you have prepared this speech from afar. Relax, you are not alone, how come. Events like this have often happened to anyone. Not that you have a particular problem in learning or remembering something.

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However, if you experience it often, it means that your learning method has not been effective. When preparing for exams, presentations, or speeches, you need powerful tricks to improve your memory. That way, what you have learned will be better embedded in the memory. One trick that is worth a try is direct exercise after learning. Want to prove yourself the efficacy of this trick? First read the following information.

How does memory work?

Human memory is divided into short-term memory and long-term memory. When you remember the breakfast menu this morning, it's short-term memory that works. However, short-term memory can't remember your breakfast menu two years ago on today's date. This is because information about your breakfast menu two years ago was not stored in long-term memory.

In long-term memory, you can remember the first time you boarded an airplane at the age of 8 years. This is because the information received by the brain at that time involves certain unusual emotions.

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In processing memory, the brain will go through three stages. The first step is to receive and translate information. Second, the brain will store that information in long or short term memory. The last is the process of remembering or recalling the memory from the storage system.

When undergoing these stages, various brain cells and nerves will establish new connections. The more connections that are formed, the stronger your memory will be.

Exercise after learning can improve memory

New research in the journal Cognitive System Research tries to compare the memory of three different groups of people. The three groups were each assigned the task of studying maps, new vocabulary in foreign languages, and various facts. After learning, the first group does running and the second group walks. Meanwhile, the third group played video games.

After doing the three activities, the participants were asked to take the test based on the things they had learned before doing the activity. The group that ran out of study ran the best results in the test, followed by groups who walked and who played video games.

A similar study was also conducted in the Netherlands. The study participants who did exercise after learning were able to remember the exam material given in more detail and effectively. In a study published in the journal Current Biology, it was also stated that the best way to improve memory is to exercise 4 hours after learning.

How can you exercise after learning to make us memorized fast?

Based on the studies that have been done, experts see a connection between exercise and memory. Exercise after learning will trigger the body to produce the hormone cortisol. This hormone is also known as a stress hormone because it is usually produced when you are under pressure. The brain also reads these signals and works harder.

This is very useful because at the same time, your brain is also processing and storing the information entered during your study. So, the material you study will be processed more effectively by the brain and stored in long-term memory. Because it is stored in the long run, you will also find it easier to pull it back when needed.

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Besides hormone production, experts also believe that exercise after learning is good for brain health. When exercising for about half an hour, your brain will build a number of new brain cells and nerves. These cells and nerves will then be connected as long as you move and move. The process of the birth of cells and nerves of the new brain occurs in the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for your memory system.

So, if you are preparing for an exam or presentation, don't forget to do sports after learning. You can choose any sport that is quite heavy, such as running, swimming, or doing cardio exercise for at least 30 minutes. The result is you can prove it yourself.


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