Tips for Using Eye Makeup for Dry Eye Patients

Tips for Using Eye Makeup for Dry Eye Patients

Tips for Using Eye Makeup for Dry Eye Patients


Are you a fan of makeup, especially eye makeup? But what if you have dry eye problems? If you are a woman and have dry eyes, you certainly want to look beautiful with makeup that is friendly to your eyes, right? Here are some tips.

What is dry eye?

Dry eye or dry eye is a condition in which your eyes experience impaired tear production so that they cannot maintain moisture. This disorder can vary, can be in the form of production of tears that are lacking, tears that evaporate too quickly, or because the quality is not good enough to maintain moisture.

There are many things that can cause dry eyes, one of which is aging. Other causes can be due to certain diseases or medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or thyroid problems. However, no matter what the cause, using makeup or makeup on dry eyes can make things worse. You need to know what products should be avoided and how to use makeup properly to maintain tears.

Eyeliner position on the eyelids can affect dry eyes

Some makeup products can irritate your eyes and make your layers of tears thinner. Some studies show that the way you apply makeup can affect the condition of your eyes.

For example, those who apply eyeliner near the lash line, are more likely to experience tear membranes than those who apply it outside the lash line. This is because particles from the eyeliner will more easily enter the eye and damage the tear layer if applied to or close to the lash line. In addition, makeup ingredients in the form of powder will also be more risky to the eye because the particles easily enter the eye and tear the tear layer.

What kind of makeup is safe for dry eyes?

To be safer, here are some tips for choosing a makeup product if you experience dry eyes:

  • Avoid using old mascara, which can clot when drying.
  • Use mascara that gives a thickening effect, because this type of mascara tends not to peel into flakes after drying.
  • You can consider using just an eyelash curler, without mascara, if you are experiencing dry eyes.
  • Avoid using makeup cleansers that contain oil or parabens.
  • Avoid powder-based and liquid-based products, including eye shadow and foundation.
  • Use cream-based makeup products.

How to use makeup when you have dry eyes?

Although eye makeup can add to problems for people with dry eye, there are several ways to minimize the transfer of particle makeup into the eye. Here are some tips:

  • Drop your eye medication 30 minutes before using makeup.
  • Use a different brush or tool for each type of makeup.
  • Always apply eye makeup outside the lash line.
  • Only use mascara on the tip of the lashes and use as little as possible.
  • Use a sharp or crushed eye pencil to reduce the risk of bacterial entry.
  • Use a little baby shampoo with cotton or cloth to clean the makeup.
  • Clean your makeup regularly.
  • Don't use makeup if you are having an eye infection.


The best way to prevent the condition of your eyes is worse if you experience a dry eye is of course not using any eye makeup. However, if you do have to use makeup, then you can avoid the part closest to the eye, the lash line. In essence, always wear makeup with attention to cleanliness, how to apply, and the products you use.

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