Tips for Choosing a Gynecologist for Women's Reproductive Health

Tips for Choosing a Gynecologist for Women's Reproductive Health

Tips for Choosing a Gynecologist for Women's Reproductive Health


Tips for Choosing a Gynecologist for Women's Reproductive Health

It's not just pregnant women who need to go to a gynecologist. All women must check their reproductive health regularly to an obstetrician. However, choosing an obstetrician is not something easy to do. Various complaints, expert specialists, distance of practice, to the character of the various doctors themselves. In the end, that choice all depends on your needs. Then, is there a way to choose a doctor for the right womb problem? Certainly there is. Let's look at the following tips.

Tips for choosing an obstetrician

1. Find out first, what do you need for an obstetrician

In choosing an obstetrician, some people will face their own challenges. First, all you have to do is find out what you are going to check. Is it about pregnancy, uterine conditions, or just a routine examination of the health of intimate organs. From these needs, you can be directed to choose a doctor with a subspecialty of the womb, according to your examination needs.

2. Find out the testimonials and track record of your chosen doctor

If you already know and choose the obstetrician you want to visit, now is the time for you to find out and gather information based on testimonies from previous patients. Do it by searching through the website where the doctor works, reads from internet forums, or even digs up information from the nurse or employee at the hospital where the doctor practices.

You can also ask your family, relatives, friends, who have or are consulting a gynecologist. Usually, advice and support for choosing a doctor from mouth to mouth is better, rather than guessing at choosing an obstetrician. Don't forget, also see the track record of how the cases were handled by the obstetrician you chose. Choose based on the patient's assessment, education taken, and cases or medical errors that might have been done.

3. When meeting, make sure you and your doctor have the same understanding

For example, you don't want to have a baby, you just want to consult about what contraception is good and safe. But in fact your doctor adheres to the notion that women must and must have offspring, the sign that you are in the wrong 'place'.

The value of pregnancy and childbirth for you and the doctor is stated differently. If the point of view is different, how will you do the consultation or action in the next stage. If you look back at the two tips above, this is why an excavation is needed and a first review of the doctor you will choose. That way you can choose which obstetrician is right and exactly related to the purpose of your consultation.

4. Adjust to your character and satisfaction

Choosing an obstetrician, no doubt almost similar to how to choose a mate. You must be able to adjust your personality in search of answers. Likewise with the choice of doctor characters available.

For example, if you like being dissatisfied with a short and precise answer, choose a doctor who can respond and explain the length of your questions. Well, on the contrary, if you tend not to need long-winded answers, choose a doctor who is firm and doesn't have a lot of explanation. In essence, choose according to your needs and don't forget to match with your person.

5. Convenience and comfort during consultation

Generally, it is important to find or choose an obstetrician who is famous for his reputation or success in handling cases. Don't forget, you should be able to see whether or not the doctor is easy to contact or just get a response. Choose who is willing to be contacted through personal contact, just in case there is an emergency that befalls you (usually for pregnancy consultation).

In addition to ease of response, also choose the sex of the doctor that makes you comfortable. Gynecologists or obstetricians, there are men and some are women. Measure your comfort, whether it is comfortable to open or check intimate parts with foreign men, or even feel uncomfortable checking and checking by fellow women. All of that returns to your individual needs and comfort.

The conclusion is

After explaining some of the important points above, you do not need to be reckless in choosing which doctor you will become an expert in your body condition. If you feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied, don't hesitate to change doctors. But before choosing, it's good to make sure that you have followed the above points to choose the right and right doctor.

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