This is the reason why people with diabetes must avoid packaged foods

This is the reason why people with diabetes must avoid packaged foods

This is the reason why people with diabetes must avoid packaged foods


It's common knowledge that sugar and sweet foods are the main enemies of people with diabetes. Yes, sugar and sweet foods can immediately make blood sugar levels soar, and this should be avoided by diabetics. But did you know if not only sweet foods are enemies of diabetes? Salty food and various types of packaged foods are also quite dangerous for those of you with diabetes, why?

Packaged foods and salt should also be avoided by people with diabetes

During this time you may have been obedient to the rules of your doctor or nutritionist to avoid all sweet or sugar-containing foods. But, there is one thing that you might ignore from these recommendations, namely limiting the consumption of packaged foods or salty foods. Indeed, your main enemy is sugar, but that doesn't mean you can be 'friendly' with salt and salty food.

Actually, all you have to avoid is excessive sodium consumption. But salt is the biggest source of sodium and packaged foods contain enough sodium which can make your health disturbed.

Sodium is a type of mineral that has the main function as a regulator of body fluids and blood pressure. Eating too much food containing sodium will cause blood pressure to rise.

High blood pressure in diabetics will increase the risk of heart disease

For those of you who have diabetes, the risk of complications from other chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. all these chronic diseases, can also be triggered by high blood pressure. high blood pressure.

Therefore, if someone who has diabetes and eats too much packaged food and salty food, it can cause his blood pressure to rise.

While high blood pressure is a trigger for other chronic diseases. So, diabetics have a much higher risk of experiencing complications because of the packaged foods and salty foods that they eat which cause blood pressure to increase.

This is the reason why people with diabetes must avoid packaged foods

Then, can I not consume packaged foods and salt again?

Almost every packaged food must contain a large amount of sodium. For example, in one packet of instant noodles there are around 700-1200 mg sodium. Or just three biscuits have a sodium content of 105 mg. In fact, the recommended amount of sodium consumption in one day is no more than 2300 mg narium.

Not to mention the sodium content in your food that comes from the salt you use. Just half a teaspoon of salt contains about 1000 mg of sodium. If you have consumed several types of packaged food a day and use enough salt in your food, you have unwittingly consumed sodium above the recommended limit.

Therefore, you should reduce the use of salt in your food and limit the consumption of packaged foods. this aims to reduce the risk of complications of diabetes. Even for those of you who already have high blood pressure, it's better not to use salt in your food.

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