This Is How To Differentiate Real Or Pretend Orgasms

This Is How To Differentiate Real Or Pretend Orgasms

This Is How To Differentiate Real Or Pretend Orgasms


This Is How To Differentiate Real Or Pretend Orgasms

It's no secret, women are less likely to orgasm when having sex than men. Although there are no exact figures, a number of studies have proven that sex penetration alone is difficult to bring women to climax. Because it rarely happens, many women then fake orgasms in front of their partners. As a man, you might be curious whether your partner is really an orgasm or just pretending to be. Well, first consider the various characteristics of orgasms that are genuine and fake in the following explanation.

Why is someone pretending to be an orgasm?

Usually the main reason for women to fake orgasms is because they fail orgasm from sex. Many women believe that men will be more passionate and confident if they are able to make women climax. To please her partner, some women also choose to fake orgasms.

Different from men who usually have orgasms followed by ejaculation, female orgasms are usually not so visible or felt by men. So even if a woman pretends to be an orgasm, her partner may not be aware if she is just fooled.

What happens to a woman's body during a real orgasm

In order for you to be able to distinguish between genuine and fake orgasms, you must first know what the true characteristics of orgasm are. When doing sexual activity, women will go through several stages of the body's reaction to stimulation. Pay attention to the steps below.

Stage arises passion . The woman's body will begin to respond to sexual stimulation given to the body. The muscles begin to tighten, the heart palpitates, breathing hunts, the nipples harden, the clitoris tightens, and the natural lubricating fluid comes out from the vagina.

Anticipation stage . At this point women have anticipated or imagined more pleasure. Signs include the clitoris more sensitive to touch, the muscles of the feet and hands tighten, breathing more hunting, heart rate faster, and skin becomes reddish.

Stage of climax (orgasm) . After receiving the right stimulation, women will reach the peak of pleasure characterized by orgasm. This stage only lasts a few seconds. The muscles that have been tightened will contract violently, especially on the feet and hands. Feet and hands usually make movements like gripping something tightly. In addition, the woman seems to be out of breath. The walls and mouth of the vagina tighten so tightly, as if to "bite" the penis. In many women, both eyelids will close when reaching orgasm.

Relaxing stage . A few seconds after orgasm, the woman's body will relax and relax again. This means that he has successfully released his energy and sexual desire. The muscles around the tense vagina slowly relax. Heart rate and breathing rate gradually slow down to normal again.

Various characteristics of genuine and fake orgasms

After understanding the traits of a genuine female orgasm, you should be able to distinguish from the fake ones. Usually women who pretend to orgasm will sigh a lot. Even though according to various studies, women's sigh is not an automatic reaction of his body because of being aroused. The sound of the sigh was made to make his partner feel "manly" in bed. Even though there are people who like to sigh in bed, real orgasms actually are usually minimal sighs or screams.

The most obvious characteristic of fake orgasm besides the sound of sighing is muscle contraction. If the muscles in a woman's body do not tighten like kelojotan, chances are your partner is just pretending. Also note that the walls and mouth of the vagina do not feel "biting".

In the end, sex is a matter of trust and intimacy. Ask yourself, which is more important, catching a partner pretending orgasm or improving the quality of sex that is equally satisfying? If you are worried that your partner does not climax, convey your concern by asking. For example which body parts or touches do you like. By knowing your partner's desires, it is guaranteed he does not need to pretend to orgasm again.

If you have been faking frequently, try other ways to reach climax. For example clitoral stimulation or trying breathing techniques. Without conveying what you want, your partner will not know how to bring you to the peak of pleasure.

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