This Causes Yellow Sweat Stains in Your Armpit

This Causes Yellow Sweat Stains in Your Armpit

This Causes Yellow Sweat Stains in Your Armpit


Are your white clothes stained yellowish in the armpits? You are not alone. Yellow stain on clothes has become a fairly common problem. Usually this is not harmful to health. However, yellow sweat may also be caused by clinical conditions. To determine why your sweat leaves a yellow stain on the clothes, see the following information.

What is the color of human sweat?

In normal circumstances, human sweat should be clear or colorless. Sweat is produced by sweat glands that are under the layers of your skin. Unlike urine which contains pigments (colorants) specifically called urochrome and other residual substances, normal sweat does not contain pigments. So, human sweat is clear like water.

Then what causes the sweat to turn yellow on the shirt?

Sweat can indeed turn yellow. To find out the cause of yellow sweat, note the following two reasons.

Chemical reaction

Yellow sweat stains on your clothes are usually not caused by a disease or disorder. The reason is precisely the deodorant you use. Your sweat consists of various types of proteins and minerals. When these proteins and minerals meet with aluminum, which is one of the contents of deodorants that serves to suppress sweat production, a chemical reaction changes the structure of your sweat. As a result, sweat that has been produced by sweat glands turns yellow. This yellow sweat will then be absorbed by your clothing fabric and leave stains.


In addition to the frequent chemical reactions, there is a rare condition that can make one's sweat become yellow, orange, or green. The rare condition is chromhidrosis. Until now, it is not known exactly what causes chromhidrosis.

There are two glands that control the production of your sweat, the apocrine glands and the eccrine glands. In the case of apocrine chromhidrosis, sweat produced usually contains lipofuscin pigment which causes the discoloration of sweat to become yellowish. Usually the part of the body most affected by apocrine chromhidrosis is the area of ​​the armpit, groin, nipple areola, nose and eyelids.

Meanwhile, chromhidrosis ecrin can occur in any part of the body. However, this condition is less common than apocrine chromhidrosis. Generally, ecromic chromhidrosis occurs after a person consumes food coloring or certain drugs.

Prevents yellow sweat on the clothes

Stains of yellow sweat on clothes can affect your confidence. To prevent this, make sure you take the following steps.

  • Use a deodorant whose aluminum content is not too strong and large. Usually on a deodorant package, it says "stain free".
  • To reduce sweat production, periodic underarm shaving.
  • If yellow sweat appears on your arms or other parts of your body, contact your doctor immediately.

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