The Most Common Everyday Obstacles Experienced by Color Blind People

The Most Common Everyday Obstacles Experienced by Color Blind People

The Most Common Everyday Obstacles Experienced by Color Blind People


The Most Common Everyday Obstacles Experienced by Color Blind People

Color blindness keeps a variety of problems and difficulties for those who have them. Often these problems are ignored and unknown to people with normal vision. This makes people who are color blind sometimes forced to adjust to their shortcomings in carrying out daily activities. Here are 5 of the most common daily difficulties experienced by many people who are color blind.

What are the sufferers of possible color blindness?

1. Have a job

Various jobs require you to have normal vision and be able to see a variety of color spectra. This makes color blind people have limitations in pursuing careers or jobs in the future. Some jobs are very concerned about this because it relates to the level of security, both for themselves and the customers that they must serve. Examples include airplane pilots, air traffic controllers, firefighters, police, train drivers, soldiers, doctors and nurses.

2. Shop and prepare food

Things as simple as shopping in a supermarket or cooking can be a difficult challenge especially for housewives who struggle with color blindness. When shopping they cannot distinguish fruits that are ripe because the color they see looks the same. When cooking, they cannot distinguish whether the meat he cooked is cooked or not. Even at the dining table, they cannot distinguish tomato sauce from chili sauce.

3. Choose the color of clothes

There is no day without us wearing clothes. People with color blindness may have difficulty choosing the color of the clothes they want to wear. He could have left the house and traveled with the colors of clothes that were completely inappropriate. Color blind people should also ask for help from others to adjust the color of their clothes. Imagine if they lived alone, to whom did they ask for input?

4. Drive a vehicle

For some things, such as seeing a red light at the intersection, a person with color blindness can still distinguish based on the position of the lights that are on. However, their challenges don't just stop there. Color blind people will find it difficult to have to drive a vehicle at night. In a study by Tagarelli in 2004, it was found that most people with color blindness preferred to drive during the day, while at night they claimed to have difficulty when they had to see the car lights in front of them.

5. Learning process

Kindergarten or elementary school children will experience learning difficulties because often the teaching and learning process in schools uses many different colors. Especially when they are asked to color. Often because of his mistakes in seeing colors, he becomes a mockery of his friends. When entering junior high school or high school, they will have difficulties in chemical lab subjects. They have difficulty in distinguishing the results of litmus paper to determine the pH of a liquid.

In some countries such as the United Kingdom, color blindness is not considered a disability so color blind people will be treated just like people with normal vision. Although people with color blindness can adapt well, it does not mean that the difficulties they face can be ignored. Conversely, in Japan color blindness is considered a disability and color blind patients cannot choose a particular career path, and in some countries prohibit color blind patients from driving because they often mistakenly see colored lights correctly.

One thing that should be kept in mind for those of you who are lucky not to have a visual impairment is to always help them in living their daily lives. Small help is very useful to reduce their frustration due to the difficulties they face when doing simple things.

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