The milk in the bottle changes color, the sign is stale?

The milk in the bottle changes color, the sign is stale?

The milk in the bottle changes color, the sign is stale?


For mothers who have a solid activity, storing their milk is one of the best ways to meet your baby's ASI needs. But storing milk is certainly not arbitrary so that the quality is maintained. Then, what is the sign if the color of the milk you have stored in the bottle changes color? Is this really a sign that the quality is no longer good, or is it even stale?

The quality of dairy milk can be decreased if stored carelessly

ASI is like other cow's milk. if not stored properly, over time the quality of milk ASI will decrease and no longer contain the nutrients needed by the little one. So, you can't just save ASIP.

If the color of the milk ASI is not white, is it definitely stale?

Actually, the color and aroma of ASIP produced by each mother is different. This of course depends on the food they each have. For example, greenish ASIP can be caused by the mother consuming lots of dark green vegetables. Therefore, there is no standard on how the color and aroma of the milk of milk should be the best.

sometimes ASIP will be yellowish, bluish, or brownish, depending on what the mother consumes at that time. In addition, the color of breast milk stored in the freezer will also change color. But this does not mean ASIP can no longer be consumed.

The milk in the bottle changes color, the sign is stale?

The stored breast milk is divided into several layers

Don't be surprised if the milk you store in the refrigerator looks divided into several layers. The ASI layer is divided into layers of fat and water. This condition is normal and ASIP is still safe for consumption by your child. Therefore, before you give it to your baby, make sure that the milk is re-mixed evenly by turning the container first - don't over shake it.

Dairy can be stale. Here are the signs to watch out for

If the ASIP shows a number of signs below, it means the milk is stale and should not be given to the baby:

  • The layer on ASIP is not mixed even though the container has been rotated. ASIP is still good, the layer will be mixed again as soon as you turn the container.
  • Smell the ASIP aroma. Just like cow's milk, breast milk that is already stale will also give off a rancid and acidic odor. While fresh milk has a sweet aroma. However, each mother produces milk with a distinctive aroma different depending on what she eats.
  • Taste the taste of breast milk. Stale ASIP tends to have an acidic taste. If you feel that the milk you have stored is acidic, then don't give it to your little one.

What is the correct way to store milk ASI?

Here are some things you should pay attention to when storing your milk so you don't get stale fast:

  • Storage container. You should use a glass bottle or plastic container that is free of bisphenol-A (BPA) and specifically for breast milk storage.
  • Storage temperature . ASIP can last 2 weeks to several months after being milked in the refrigerator. ASIP stored in a refrigerator that is 4 degrees Celsius will last around 2 weeks without experiencing a decrease in quality. While ASIP which is stored in room temperature can only last 3-4 hours.
  • Date of milk ASI . Give the date and time when you milk the milk so that you know which ASIP should take precedence to give to your little one.

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