The faster the volume of music you listen to, the more you eat a lot

The faster the volume of music you listen to, the more you eat a lot

The faster the volume of music you listen to, the more you eat a lot


Maybe you are accustomed to eating while listening to music - whether from your headset or headphones, or through speakers when at a mall food court and restaurant. Listening to music while eating does make the atmosphere more relaxed, but without realizing it can affect your appetite, you know! Especially if the volume is strong. Increase your meal portions. How come it is, huh?

Eat while listening to loud music making you eat more frenzy

Yes. The above statement was concluded by a group of researchers from the University of South Florida in their study published by the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. They want to know whether the volume of music can influence someone's decision to choose food.

The researcher intentionally tuned various genres of music with a noise level of 50-70 decibels (db) in a cafe located in Stockhol, Sweden, for two consecutive days. As an illustration, the sound volume range of 50-70 dB includes hard; equivalent to the usual speech sound, a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner, the traffic is very crowded, and the alarm clock.

They then paste three kinds of labels (healthy, unhealthy, and neutral /ordinary) on each menu presented. After two days of observation, the research team found that calm genre music with small volumes managed to make people choose foods in the healthy category.

To further ensure the results of the study, they again made the same observations at different locations, namely in supermarkets. They make two scenarios at different times; one with a slow volume and one with a loud volume. When paired with hard volume music, visitors are unwittingly more likely to choose the type of food that is less healthy. Meanwhile, buyers who listen to music volume slowly tend to take healthy food ingredients.

The faster the volume of music you listen to, the more you eat a lot

Not listening to music does not mean that your food choices will be better

The research above reports that whether or not the sound of the music that these people are listening to, whether intentionally or not, does affect their decision to choose food.

People who eat while listening to loud music prefer menus that are less healthy, such as chocolate cakes or burgers rather than fruit salads. Conversely, people who are played with low-volume music when they are picky menus end up buying healthy foods, such as salads.

From here you might think that not listening to music is the best solution. Because the lower the volume of music you listen to, the healthier your food choices. In fact, people who don't even listen to music actually show the same tendency as a group of loud music listeners - both choose unhealthy foods.

Slow music volume makes the body and mind relax

Researchers believe that calm genre music, such as classical music and blues, slows the heart rate and regulates breathing becomes more stable, while improving mood and improving brain function. The result, eating while listening to music slowly makes you feel more calm and comfortable.

All of these combinations will then influence how you make logical decisions. So no wonder, decisions taken in a calm atmosphere will usually produce the most beneficial results.

On the contrary, cheerful and fast-paced genre music that is set with fast volume actually triggers the brain to work too overstimulated so that it increases stress and makes you rush to make inappropriate decisions.

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