Take note! This is a list of newborn baby equipment that must be prepared

Take note! This is a list of newborn baby equipment that must be prepared

Take note! This is a list of newborn baby equipment that must be prepared


Take note! This is a list of newborn baby equipment that must be prepared

Waiting for the baby to be present is fun and anxious. Soon your baby will be born and your family members will increase. But, have you really prepared all the baby's needs? Try to examine again, has the list of newborn equipment as below all been checked?

What newborn equipment should be prepared before the baby is born?

During the third trimester, it may be time to hunt for newborn equipment. It's all funny, so maybe you will buy everything you like without thinking about whether this is very important, must be bought now, definitely used later, and so forth. But, are you sure all newborn equipment has been prepared? Is there definitely nothing missing? Let's look at this list first.

Baby clothes

Some types of clothing you may need to prepare before the baby is born, namely:

  • Cloth diapers . It is important to provide plenty of cloth diapers before the baby is born. This is because newborns will definitely defecate and urinate more often than adults. Choose cloth diapers rather than disposable diapers because they are safer and to avoid skin problems in babies, such as skin irritation or diaper rash.
  • Baby clothes, both long and short clothes. We recommend that you choose baby clothes from cotton or that are comfortable for the baby, so that the baby is not too hot or cold when wearing it. Cotton is also able to absorb baby's sweat better.
  • Inner t-shirts for babies. Maybe babies need to wear layers of clothing when the weather is cold.
  • Baby pants. You can provide both shorts and trousers for babies.
  • Hats , can be used when the baby comes out so it doesn't get too hot in the sun. Can be used at home also to warm the head and ears, especially when the weather is cold.
  • Gloves and socks to keep the baby warm. Gloves can also prevent baby nails from scratching their skin.
  • Fleeces , may be needed when the weather is cold.

Don't forget to clean all the baby clothes before putting them on your baby, so that the bacteria or germs that stick to the clothes are gone. Wash with special detergent for baby clothes, choose one that doesn't contain fragrance.


There are also many baby toiletries that you must prepare, such as:

  • Baby bathtub, to bathe the baby.
  • Washcloth, to wipe baby's skin while taking a bath.
  • Baby soap. Choose special baby soap that does not contain fragrance.
  • Towels. Choose a towel from soft material.
  • Telon oil and baby cream, maybe also needed to be put on to the baby after bathing. Telon oil can help warm the baby after bathing and protect it from mosquito bites. Meanwhile, baby cream can be used to moisturize baby's skin so that the baby's skin is not easily irritated.

Sleeping gear

Some baby bedding that must be prepared is:

  • Avoid , so that the baby cot is not wet if the baby is wet during sleep
  • Swaddling cloth , to cover baby. Swaddling babies can make babies sleep more comfortably and soundly, and reduce the risk of SIDS during sleep.
  • Mosquito Nets , to protect babies from mosquito bites.
  • Baby cots . Choose a bed that is strong and safe for babies.

For newborns, baby blankets and pillows are not needed because this can actually interfere with sleep and increase the risk of SIDS, as reported by Baby Sleep Site.

Equipment for breastfeeding

At this time, babies certainly don't eat anything other than breast milk. However, some supplies for breast milk may need you to prepare, especially if you often pump breast milk for babies.

  • ASI pump , you can choose a manual or electric breast pump.
  • Container for breast milk. You can use a small bottle or breast milk bag.
  • Special coolers or refrigerators for breast milk. We recommend that you separate the breastmilk storage with food storage.
  • Nursing cover cloth or the nursing apron for use in public places.
  • Bottle cleaning equipment , such as a bottle brush and special soap for cleaning baby equipment.

If you don't breastfeed a baby or give formula milk:

  • Baby bottles
  • Baby bottle cleaning equipment
  • Thermos for storing hot water


  • Cain carrying
  • Gauze and sterile cotton to treat the baby's umbilical cord.
  • Baby gear bags, for your convenience when traveling.
  • Baby aprons, can be used when the baby is breastfeeding or when the baby releases a lot of spit.
  • Baby-specific nail scissors
  • Baby strollers (stroller), if necessary.

Also prepare a special suitcase with the contents of your equipment and your baby. So, if it's time to give birth, you can immediately bring the suitcase to the hospital.

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