Stimulating Indra Feeling Babies Aged 0-6 Months With "Warm and Cold" Activities

Stimulating Indra Feeling Babies Aged 0-6 Months With "Warm and Cold" Activities

Stimulating Indra Feeling Babies Aged 0-6 Months With "Warm and Cold" Activities


Apart from stimulating and introducing your baby's sense of touch, this activity will also help the baby feel the difference between warm and cold. During this activity, also use that time to introduce new vocabulary to the baby, to prepare him to learn to speak and get to know the words.

Games that stimulate the senses will give babies the opportunity to express themselves, and feel safe to experiment with their new world.

Do this activity when the baby is full, so it won't be cut off by the hungry cry.

What you need:

  • Ice cubes (if you don't have ice, cold water from the fridge can also). Even better if you make ice cubes from juice, such as apple juice or other juices that your baby likes). Make sure the size of the ice cubes is not too big, and can be easily held by your baby's hand.
  • Warm water (make sure the water temperature is safe for your baby's skin and not too hot)
  • Containers (can be small buckets, large bowls, or anything else that can be used)
  • Doormat, towel and high chair

What to do:

Put your baby on the floor with a mat or towel, or put him on the baby's dining chair. Place two ice cubes in the container, place them in front of them, and let them play with the ice. If he looks doubtful, you can give an example by touching it or shaking the container.

Encourage your baby to taste the ice. You will never forget the precious moment when you saw your baby's expression for the first time when he licked the ice.

Touch his finger to his lips. You can explain the name of this sensation to your child by saying, "Cold." Don't forget to narrate what he is doing so that your baby can get to know other words, for example, "Now you're holding ice in your hand. Yes, the ice is very cold! Do your fingers feel cold? "

Then, remove the ice cubes and pour warm water into the container. Push your baby to touch or splash the water (don't fill it too full so it doesn't overflow) and say again, "You're touching water with your finger. Splash the water! The water is warm! "

Even though he doesn't understand, what you say to him can help him develop his language, and touching ice and warm water will help him stimulate his sense of taste.


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