Still Confused about the Difference between Hormones and Enzymes? This is the answer

Still Confused about the Difference between Hormones and Enzymes? This is the answer

Still Confused about the Difference between Hormones and Enzymes? This is the answer


Still Confused about the Difference between Hormones and Enzymes? This is the answer

Physical changes are characterized by the growth of hair in certain areas and body shapes that are typical of men and women, a such as enlarged breasts, feminine body curves in women, and masculine body shape in men, is the effect of hormones on the human body. But did you know if the enzyme is also the most important part that can make the body's metabolism smooth? Actually, what is the difference between hormones and enzymes? Why is it important for you to know? Check out the reviews.

What's the difference between the function of hormones and enzymes?

The human body is a very detailed and complex entity. Consists of several systems so that humans can carry out various activities. The human body will also experience various natural chemical reactions. The process can take place quickly and regularly.

At least, there are two important things you should know about the natural chemical processes that occur in your body, namely hormones and enzymes.

The function of hormones in humans in general is to regulate reproduction and control growth, maintain homeostation or a state of the body to maintain balance in facing natural conditions and coordinate activities between the hormonal system and the body's nervous system in humans.

Hormones are special substances that coordinate the activities of certain cells in certain areas of the body. Hormones are produced by cells in the gland, and they are secreted by the gland into the bloodstream.

The hormones in your body are produced by the endocrine glands. The gland does not have a special channel so that the hormones produced are directly circulated by the blood. The process of removing hormones from their glands is called incretion.

While the function of the enzyme is a catalyst or compound that can accelerate the reaction process without itself being exhausted due to the reaction process. This important substance is to release water vapor molecules in the body, release other elements and chemicals, release molecules, and much more.

All of it aims to facilitate the digestive process and metabolism in the body. Enzymes can process new substances that enter the body so that other processes change.

For example on sugar, with enzymes, sweetness can also be felt. Enzymes that function as food crusher when chewing it in the mouth. All performance of body organs is aided by the presence of enzymes.

Which is more important for the body?

One important hormone is human growth hormone (HGH), this hormone is responsible for human growth from childhood until he grew up. After humans have grown big, it does not mean that this hormone is useless, but this hormone is responsible for keeping the body's organs in top condition. The gland responsible for producing HGH is the pituitary gland.

Although it is only a chemical, the function of enzymes is very large for life. Without enzymes, you might not be able to chew food, treat food in the stomach, digestion can be disrupted.

Enzymes work in full, by forming molecules of substances that balance them. The presence of various reactions that occur is the way the enzymes work. So, it can be concluded that hormones and enzymes are equally important for the body because they have an important role for the body

Difference between hormones and enzymes

  • All enzymes are proteins but not all hormones.
  • Enzymes are secreted and act in the same place while hormone secretion and activation takes place in different locations
  • Enzymes control all cell biochemical reactions, while some biochemical reactions from the system are controlled by hormones
  • Enzymes take part in metabolism while hormones regulate metabolic activity
  • Enzymes are special substrates, while hormones are specific to target cells, tissues, or systems
  • The rate of reaction in an enzyme depends on many factors, including the concentration of enzymatic activity while concentration is not always important in hormonal activity
  • Enzymes do not change after the reaction and can be reused, while the hormones will degenerate after the reaction
  • Inhibitor molecules control and decrease enzyme activity while hormone inhibitors inhibit hormonal activity

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