Steps for Bathing a Newborn Baby

Steps for Bathing a Newborn Baby

Steps for Bathing a Newborn Baby


Steps for Bathing a Newborn Baby

Bathing a newborn is a valuable experience for both parents. This experience can bring you closer to the baby. However, newborns are still very vulnerable and sensitive. So, it's natural if you feel nervous if you have to bathe your baby. Especially if this is the first time you have to bathe a newborn baby. No need to worry, by following these guidelines, bathing your baby will be a beautiful and anticipated moment.

How often do newborns take a shower?

Newborns actually don't need to take a shower too often. What is important as long as you change your baby's diaper, you also cleanse his body. If you take a shower too often, your baby's skin can dry out. Usually bathing a newborn three to four times a week or once every day is enough.

However, you can adjust yourself to the condition of the baby. Because Indonesia is a tropical country where the temperature is quite high and moist, you might want to bathe your baby every day. There are also parents who bathe the newborn twice a day.

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When is the best time to bathe a newborn?

Avoid bathing your baby after drinking milk. Bathing after the stomach is filled can make your baby feel uncomfortable. In addition, if he feels his stomach is depressed, your baby can vomit. We recommend that you choose your free time. That way, you can focus on the baby and not be in a hurry.

You can bathe your baby in the morning when your baby's mood is good and he is not so sleepy. Bathing your baby in the afternoon doesn't matter either. The important thing is that you keep him from getting cold.

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Bathing a newborn baby whose umbilical cord has not been released

Most babies under the age of two or three weeks have not released the umbilical cord. Be careful because the baby's umbilical cord is still rather wet and should not get water. For that, you can bathe it by wiping its body with a soft washcloth or cloth. Note the following steps.

  • Cover a table or a flat surface such as a floor with a waterproof pad or soft towel. You can also do it at the table to change the baby's diaper
  • Lay the baby on his back, hold the back of the head and neck with one of your hands
  • Wipe your baby's body, head and face slowly with a washcloth that has been moistened with warm enough water
  • After the body is wet, wipe it again with a washcloth with soap that is very soft and safe for newborns
  • To clean both of his eyelids, prepare two sheets of soft cotton with not much fiber. Start from the part of the eye that is close to the nose and swipe outwards. Repeat on the other eyelid with the new cotton
  • Make sure you also wipe the curves of the body like the armpits, neck, back of the ear, and the back of the knee
  • Finish by cleaning the baby's genitals and buttocks, starting from front to back
  • Raise the baby with your hands and wrap it with a dry towel.
  • Before wearing diapers or clothes, hugs and cudgels, the baby, because this can provide stimulation for the senses to touch while building a strong bond between you and your baby

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Bathe the baby with the umbilical cord off

After your baby's umbilical cord has come off and the scar has dried, you can start bathing the baby in the baby bathtub. The method is quite simple. Check out the steps below.

  • Prepare a baby bath with warm water (with a temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius) as high as 5 centimeters
  • With both of your hands, move the baby into the bath tub in a rather upright position
  • Hold the back of the head and neck with your non-dominant hand.
  • Start by gently wiping the baby's face with a washcloth, followed by his head and all over his body
  • Pour safe bath soap for newborns in washcloths
  • Wipe your face and the whole body of the baby again, don't forget to clean every curve and fold of the body (no need to get into the ear or nose)
  • Clean the baby's eyelids with a soft cloth or cotton that isn't much fiber
  • Finish by cleaning the baby's genitals and buttocks, starting from front to back
  • To stimulate the senses to touch it, let the baby enjoy the bath time and pour warm water into the stomach or shoulder slowly
  • Raise the baby with your hands and wrap it with a dry towel.
  • Hug and weigh baby after bathing to establish bond and affection between mother and child

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