Stem Cell Therapy, New Treatment for Infertile Men

Stem Cell Therapy, New Treatment for Infertile Men

Stem Cell Therapy, New Treatment for Infertile Men


The difficult problem of having a baby is not only caused by women. In fact, about 30 percent of fertility problems in married couples come from infertile men. The ICSI IVF program is the most common solution for having children if the husband is infertile. However, now health experts are competing to develop stem cell therapy to reverse male fertility problems. The following is complete information about stem cell therapy.

What is stem cell therapy?

The human body has many different cells that work to help all your organs function properly. Well, stem cells or stem cells or stem cells are cells that are still "innocent", pure, and do not have any function.

Stem cells do not have any responsibility in the body because they do not go through the process of differentiation. The process of differentiation occurs since the development of the womb in the womb. A zygote is a cell that combines an egg with a sperm which then divides into two, then four cells, and so on. After splitting, these cells will naturally be assigned their respective roles and responsibilities through the process of differentiation. For example, muscle cells function to maintain muscle function.

Because it is still empty and does not have any function, stem cells also have the ability to divide as much as possible according to their needs. Both of these abilities make stem cells considered 'special' and can be used to treat various diseases. In other words, stem cells are stem cells that have the potential to become certain cells. In the end, these new and healthy cells can develop into a healthy tissue.

Stem cells can be taken from the blood in the umbilical cord or spinal cord.

How can stem cell therapy overcome the problem of male infertility?

Apart from blood in the umbilical cord or spinal cord, stem cells can also be taken from one part of the male reproductive system called seminiferous tubules. After being taken, the cell will then be developed in the lab to become a collection of cells with special functions, namely sperm cells.

Stem cells that have now been tasked as mature sperm cells will be put back into the male testicles. In animal experiments, sperm produced by stem cells have been shown to be able to fertilize female eggs and produce offspring.

Is it effective?

Experiments related to stem cell therapy to address male fertility problems have so far been limited to animals. This is influenced by the difficulty of breeding the parent cell.

However, along with advances in medical science and technology, it is not impossible that in the next few years sperm stem cell techniques will become one of the hopes for overcoming male fertility problems. Some researchers also continue to combine breeding outside and inside the human body so that the results are more maximal.

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