Starting the Age How Many Small Children Start to Have Social Media?

Starting the Age How Many Small Children Start to Have Social Media?

Starting the Age How Many Small Children Start to Have Social Media?


Starting the Age How Many Small Children Start to Have Social Media?

Now, who doesn't have social media? Almost all age groups must have at least one social media account so they are not outdated. Medsos "fever" also did not escape infect children. On the one hand, social media really helps us to get the latest information and interact with the world. However, on the other hand, many parents are worried that their children will swallow all the hoaxes that are illegal in cyberspace, or even misuse their social media accounts for things that are wrong. So actually, can children have social media? If yes, what age should it be allowed to start?

When do children start having social media?

Until now, there is no age standard that is certain when children can access or own their own social media accounts. However, there are some things that can be your consideration when your child wants to start getting involved in the complexity of social networking.

1. Is the child ready or not?

Before giving access to create your own account, pay attention first whether your child is really ready and able to be responsible. Ironically, most parents do not pay attention to the readiness of the little one before entering the virtual world. In fact, a survey conducted stated that many children under the age of 13 already have at least one social account.

Most young children don't have a mature mindset. They only know that having a social account will make it look cool, and what they write will be seen by many people. They have not understood correctly that every human act must have its own consequences, including in cyberspace.

For example, children send condescending comments to a celebrity. They have not yet realized that what they are doing is an act of cyberbullying, which can harm others and themselves. Or the worst case scenario, he uploads his personal photo that is not appropriate at the encouragement of his online friends, or because he imitates his idol who poses like that.

It is difficult to generalize or make a minimum age standard for children to have social media. Your child may have been more than 13 years old, but he has not been given the responsibility to use social media. You alone understand the character of your child the most, so allowing children to become netizens is a decision that is in your hands.

2. Every social media has an age limit for its users

Also pay attention to the type of social media that your child will use. Because, each social media must have its own policy in determining the age of its users. On average, social media requires users to be at least 18 years old to be able to create an account. For social media like Facebook and Twitter, someone can open an account when they are at least 13 years old.

But of course you still have to keep an eye on your child when using social media. Even better, you accompany him when opening an account. It would be better if you first browse and use the social media account, to see if it is right for your little one to use.

Starting the Age How Many Small Children Start to Have Social Media?

3. Make strict rules

Social media is not as bad as most parents imagine, how come! There are various benefits that your child can get when you become an active netizen in the virtual world (as long as you are responsible). For example, social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube can help sharpen children's creativity by looking at ideas from existing content, or simply interacting with people out there who share the same preferences.

However, if the usage is not taken into account it will certainly cause more adverse effects. Therefore, parents must make strict rules when children use social media, for example:

Use private settings

Create a small social media account that is safe by setting the privacy of the account. Usually, on some social media there are special settings that automatically create social media accounts that will not bring up adult content or violence.

If necessary, create a usage schedule rule

Sometimes children like to forget the time when they enter the social network. This can interfere with study time and sleep time. In fact, excessive social use of media has been linked to the development of depression, insomnia, and antisocial. Therefore, you must strictly implement the schedule of use. Limit only 1.5 to two hours a day for children free to use social media. The limit of safe duration has been approved by many expert experts.

Know all your friends and what they do in cyberspace

By following his social media account, you will more easily monitor your little one's activities when he uses social media. Also let him know that he must avoid making friends with strangers, preferably accepting friendships from friends, family and familiar relatives.

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