Stages of Teaching Girls to Wear Minisets and Bra

Stages of Teaching Girls to Wear Minisets and Bra

Stages of Teaching Girls to Wear Minisets and Bra


When girls start showing signs of puberty, parents are obliged to realize it first. Puberty experienced by girls includes menstruation and changes in body shape. Science says, girls start puberty between the ages of 8 and 13. Well, at that age you must teach your daughter to start wearing a bra or a minibar.

There are two reasons why you should teach your child to wear a bra. First, the nipple buds of her breasts start to stand out, so your child must use a minibar or bra. Second, your child's friends start wearing a bra, so your child also wants to have it. Both of these reasons are perfectly acceptable, even gradually you will introduce bras to your daughters. Here are some steps to wearing a bra that you should pay attention to.

Steps to wear a bra according to age

1. Start using a ticket at the age of puberty

The age of 8-12 years is a period in which a woman's body changes from the inside and outside. Particularly for the breasts, notice the breast nipples that start poking through your child's clothes. If you see small breast buds coming in, you can give the adapter an adaptable child to wear a bra later. By using a headset, you indirectly start teaching children to wear bras to the stage of ripe age.

Minisets are wire-free bras, without foam, with thick rubber on the body's circumference as a support. The model of the asset varies depending on breast requirements. If the nipples first appear, you need a minisket with a rather thick layer. The miniset is used to cover the nipples on the child's chest.

2. Cordless bra, ages 13 to 16 years

Models and functions of bras are generally different. When the age of puberty has been missed, the nipple in the child usually comes out perfectly. Her breasts will start to grow a little heavy and full. Well, this transition period your child is advised to start wearing a bra with a more elastic cup transition. At the bottom of the bra, it's good to use a bra with elastic wire (or may be without wires, according to taste and function) to support the weight of the breasts that begin to grow.

The more age and maturity of a child, the bra that is used will also change its stages. Generally the age at puberty uses a bra with foam or soft pads on the cup, also note the bra strap used. Use a bra with a strap that can be resized, because each person has a body posture and chest height to a different shoulder.

3. Aged 16 and above, start using a nursing braid

At this age the breasts are fully formed, filled and dense. Furthermore, this age must be advised not to use a bra with soft wire again. Soft wire bras cannot support the weight of the breasts that start to expand, so use a bra with a harder wire and a thick foam cup. The function of foam is not merely to increase breast thickness when viewed from the outside, but to avoid nipples from scraping clothes, jackets or other objects used in the area around the breast.

Tips for buying the right bra

1. Select the right strap for the length and size of the chest area

Choose a bra strap that matches the size of your chest circumference. You can use a D cup size, but the straps can be different.

2. Choose the type of bra as needed

The type of bra is very dependent on what cloth is comfortable on your skin but must also be healthy. Choose those that do not pose health risks such as easy to grow germs and difficult to treat.

3. Increasing age, also changes the shape and size of the bra

There are many reasons why your bra size can be reduced because you are still growing, because you are pregnant, because you are experiencing an increase or decrease in weight. This makes you know the size of your bra correctly.

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