Sperm turned out to be used as secret ink in the era of World War

Sperm turned out to be used as secret ink in the era of World War

Sperm turned out to be used as secret ink in the era of World War


Men may claim to know a lot about sperm contained in semen (ejaculate fluid). However, have you ever heard that male semen can be used to write secret messages?

Yes, this news isn't just a hoax. During the first World War, British spies managed to find the secret ink to write hidden messages. Apparently, the ink comes from semen! Wow, how can semen be used to write secret messages? Check out the answer below.

Peek at using semen as secret ink

Semen was first used as a secret ink in 1915. The inventor was a senior spy and first director of the British Secret Intelligence Agency, Captain Mansfield Cumming. Initially, Mansfield conducted a series of studies to find the best secret ink that could be used to exchange secret messages between British intelligence agents. Based on research conducted at London University, he found that male semen could be the solution to the problem.

During the First World War, communication systems were not as sophisticated as today, where message exchanges occurred via satellite. So, the only way to bring a secret message is to use a courier. If it falls into the wrong hands, the message can frustrate the country's war strategy.

Previously, spies used special ink from a mixture of various chemicals. However, a technique for detecting the ink appeared, iodine smoke. Iodine smoke will turn chemical ink into brown and visible.

Meanwhile, semen is not detected by iodine smog so the secret message written in this magic ink will not be revealed. This is why semen is the right solution for spies to communicate. In addition, unlike special ink that must be formulated in the laboratory by experts, semen is relatively easy to obtain.

How can semen be used as secret ink?

To understand how spies use their own urine to communicate, you must first understand the composition of semen. Semen consists of water, sperm cells, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The proteins produced by the human body have a unique ability to reflect light. This ability to reflect light is also called fluorescence. However, that does not mean human sperm can light up in the dark.

More precisely, the protein in semen can absorb ultraviolet radiation. Once absorbed, the radiation will be converted into energy and emitted through visible light. So without the spotlight from ultraviolet radiation, semen will not glow at all.

To read the contents of the message, the recipient of the message must highlight the secret ink with a special light that produces ultraviolet radiation. These lights are similar to those used in modern times to detect counterfeit money.

Detect semen with ultraviolet radiation

Unfortunately, this cost-effective secret practice must be stopped. The problem is that the use of semen as secret ink is considered less ethical. Intelligence agents must produce semen by masturbating. In addition, a number of reports also noted that the ink from semen produced an unpleasant aroma.

However, Captain Mansfield's findings were not in vain. At present, the technique of detecting semen with ultraviolet radiation is still used by the police and the investigating team. Ultraviolet light is used to check the scene of a crime (crime scene) where there is a crime. Traces of semen can be used as legal evidence.

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