Should Open Wounds be Replaced to Get Healed Fast?

Should Open Wounds be Replaced to Get Healed Fast?

Should Open Wounds be Replaced to Get Healed Fast?


Open wounds, both small and large gaping ones, must be handled appropriately. If not, the wound you have instead of being cured can actually be infected. So, how exactly does an open wound deal with it to heal quickly?

What causes open wounds?

As the name suggests, open wounds are injuries that tear or separate the skin to show other tissues underneath. The tissue in the skin that is exposed directly to the air and the outside environment can be easily infected.

Fall, incision due to sharp objects such as knives or shards, gunshot wounds, to motorized accidents are some of the most common causes of open wounds.

How is the right open wound treated?

Should Open Wounds be Replaced to Get Healed Fast?

Handling open wounds is tailored to the type and cause of the injury you have. In addition, you need to pay attention to several other aspects, such as the location and size of the wound. If the wound is large enough and deep and is in an area that is easily exposed to dirt, such as the hands and head, or rubbed on clothes, such as the legs, waist or knees, then cover the wound with a bandage or tape. This method allows the surrounding skin tissue to stay alive to forge new skin cells.

Covering an open wound with a bandage also allows you to keep the area dry and clean, thus preventing the risk of infection. Be sure to replace the tape and bandages that are used every day to keep the wound clean and dry.

Leaving large, deep open wounds without bandaging can actually dry out new skin cells. This makes the pain more sharp and the healing process also gets longer. The doctor will tell you what type of bandage is suitable for your type of wound.

If the size of the wound is small, for example, limited to superficial cuts or abrasions, and not in the two most vulnerable areas, you can leave it as it is. This is done to speed up healing so that the wound dries immediately. How to treat it simply by applying antibiotic ointment. While the wound is scratched and the wound on the tip of the heel will be better if left open and dry by itself.

If the wound is deep enough but does not heal, consult your doctor immediately to get the best treatment according to your condition.

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