Should it always reach the climax when making love? What if not?

Should it always reach the climax when making love? What if not?

Should it always reach the climax when making love? What if not?


Should it always reach the climax when making love? What if not?

Sex and orgasm are two things that are interrelated and inseparable. Many consider that sex is done to achieve orgasm or climax. But have you ever had sex and did not reach a climax at that time? Don't worry, you are not alone. There are many people who have not reached the peak of pleasure when having sex. So, does climax when making love become an obligation?

It's not that easy to reach a climax, especially for women

Orgasm is a peak of pleasure that is usually obtained when someone has sex. This can occur in men and women with certain stimuli. Therefore, most people assume that when having sex, orgasm is a sure thing and must happen.

But apparently, reaching a climax when making love is not always possible and easy to do, especially for women. There are several reasons why women have difficulty experiencing orgasm, namely:

Worry about time

Not infrequently during sexual activity women will see the clock repeatedly. Most women worry that this activity has gone on for too long. As a result, sex is carried out only as an obligation, not as a means of receiving and giving pleasure.

Women are more likely to give

Most women are capable of even expert in giving satisfaction to their partners. However, sometimes this is the opposite when the couple wants to also give pleasure to him.

Whether out of fear or worry, women are often "closed" to it. This is what makes women sometimes difficult to reach orgasm because unconsciously only gives satisfaction and is reluctant to accept it.

Don't know how to

Most women don't know how to climax when making love because their ignorance of the most sensitive part of their genitals. Just like the penis, the clitoris is the most sensitive part that needs to be stimulated to reach climax.

Has restrictions on sex

There are many women who have restrictions when making love. For example, sex can only be done in a way, not by way of B or for example comparing your sexuality with others so that you are fixated on the example and tend to be stiff.

Even though sex requires freedom and full exploration to be able to achieve real pleasure.

Should it always reach the climax when making love? What if not?

You can enjoy sex without reaching orgasm if ...

Dr. Petra Boynton, a social psychologist said that culturally, orgasm is still seen as a measure of great sex. But in fact this depends on the agreement of each partner. With or without orgasm the most important thing is that you and your partner experience pleasure, satisfaction, and feeling connected.

You can get satisfaction when making love without reaching orgasm if:

  • You don't see orgasm as the goal and achievement of the intimate relationship that is done.
  • You prioritize connection, closeness, and communication.
  • You replace the term "sex" with "pleasure". So whatever you and your partner do will be a fun thing even without orgasm.
  • If you or your partner find it difficult to climax when making love then this is not a problem and tends to accept it to then look for other alternatives that are equally satisfying and happy.
  • You and your partner can communicate their desires and listen to what they want and try to understand and respect each other's choices.
  • Sex with or without orgasm as a climax is basically not absolute. This depends on your agreement and your partner's meaning of satisfaction and enjoyment in making love.

There are many ways you and your partner can do to enjoy sex without orgasm. However, not reaching orgasm at all can sometimes be a problem for some people. Therefore, it's a good idea to talk to your partner first about how important orgasm is in each sex relationship.

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