Safe Sports Guide Using Treadmills To Avoid Injuries

Safe Sports Guide Using Treadmills To Avoid Injuries

Safe Sports Guide Using Treadmills To Avoid Injuries


One of the most preferred sports for people who have just started gym is a treadmill. Although sometimes boring, treadmills are often the best choice for those of you who want to run but are lazy to go outdoors.

Yes, this one sport is easy to use so it doesn't need special skills. However, no matter how easy the type of exercise, you still need to know the correct guidelines, right? Now, know the guide to doing a safe treadmill exercise, especially for beginners, so that your exercise session is more effective and enjoyable in this article.

How to safely treadmill to avoid injury

1. Find out how to use it

The first step to do before deciding to exercise a treadmill is to find out the subtleties of the type of equipment you will use. Don't let your ignorance make you injured when using it.

Therefore, before you start using it, you must have sufficient knowledge about how the tool works and functions. You can ask for help from people who are used to using a treadmill to teach how to use and exemplify how to walk right on it. This is true if you have never used a treadmill before.

2. Wear sports shoes

Even though treadmill exercise is done indoors, it doesn't mean you don't need sports shoes. Sports shoes are another important thing you should prepare before treadmill sports. The reason is, sports shoes can support the foot to bend every time you step.

Choose shoes that are not only comfortable to wear, but also specifically designed for indoor sports. Choosing shoes that are not suitable for sports activities can cause various complaints, ranging from blisters to back pain.

3. Warm up

Every member of the human body, especially muscles, needs adaptation to bodily activities. Well, that's why before you walk on a treadmill, don't forget to warm up. Its function is to prepare the body for physical activity so that you avoid injury.

You can warm up simply by stretching your leg muscles slowly. This will help you when you start the actual exercise.

4. Set the incline according to ability

Adjusting the degree incline or the degree of slope is very important when you use a treadmill for exercise. This is done to avoid injury when you exercise.

You can set the incline level to an ascending or climbing position by 1-3 percent. This method is done to increase the strength of the pelvic and thigh muscles so that they can make the muscles stronger. Even you can burn more calories.

5. Pay attention to the way you move

You must understand, walking on a treadmill is certainly different from walking in general. Many people make the mistake of looking down when running on a treadmill. Actually this method is wrong because looking down precisely at the foot will increase the risk of falling because you lose balance.

The most correct is your eyes and head facing straight ahead and the back of your head upright with your back. If you really want to make sure whether the way you run or walk on the treadmill is correct, ask your sports coach or choose a treadmill facing the mirror.

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