Safe Sex Position for Men With Spinal Nerve Injury

Safe Sex Position for Men With Spinal Nerve Injury

Safe Sex Position for Men With Spinal Nerve Injury


Safe Sex Position for Men With Spinal Nerve Injury

Spinal cord injury results from injury or damage to the spinal cord, or nerves located at the end of the spinal canal. Often this injury affects your intimate activities with your partner. Even though this injury causes damage to your spinal cord, don't let this injury interfere with your sex with your partner.

You can still have sex even though you are in a wheelchair

The notion that wheelchair users cannot engage in sexual activity is incorrect. Wheelchairs are usually used by those who experience spinal cord injury due to an accident.

In fact, you who have a spinal cord injury can enjoy sexual activity, can even achieve great orgasm. After spinal cord injury, sexual position is definitely changed because sexual activity will be more difficult to do in bed.

Those who suffer from spinal cord injury will lose the function of the legs to support and the hips to push. Therefore, they are more dependent on upper body strength in sexual activity.

However, some sexual positions are actually easier to do using a wheelchair. Don't worry, there are now many modern wheels that make it easier for users to remove the armrests, rotate the foot plate, fold the seat backs, and lock the brakes so that sexual activity in a wheelchair is easier to do.

What kind of sex position is right for people with spinal cord injuries?

Determining sex positions for someone who has a spinal cord injury is not an easy thing. The condition of this injury can have a permanent impact on the strength, sensation and function of other organs that are below the area that is injured. This can change a person's total life, especially in their daily lives.

For example an injury to the lower back can affect nerve cells and organ functions such as the limbs, including the internal organs such as the bladder, and sexual organs.

Nerve damage also includes various aspects, such as the ability to feel touch, ability to move, and include the ability to regulate internal organs, for example to breathe (if the damage occurs on the spine is quite high).

As a result, it is important for couples and patients themselves to consider whether sex positions interfere with breathing, interfere with the skin (for example if too much pressure can cause pressure sores) and disrupt the muscles and spine. The couple must be more alert, because the patient may not feel pain or tingling due to being crushed for too long or an uncomfortable position (which can usually be easily felt by healthy people).


The recommended sex position for those who experience spinal cord injury, especially if you are a man by the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine is a spooning position. Why is this sideways position a good choice? A spooning position helps you minimize the pressure and balance problems that are commonly experienced by someone who has this injury.

The spooning position is the position of the woman sleeping on her side and bending her legs towards the abdomen, forming a spoon-like position with the man behind the woman while hugging her body.

Safe Sex Position for Men With Spinal Nerve Injury

If you have difficulty penetrating or moving, use a pillow to help lift your pelvis. When dealing in spooning lovemaking, women can lift one of their legs up and slightly forward to make it easier for men to penetrate. While having sex with this sex position, men can put their arms around a woman's body to make it more intimate.

Woman on top

You and your partner can also use the woman on top position, aka the woman above. Position the man seated using a cushion behind his back. This position allows men who have a spinal cord injury to not move much but still can enjoy sex.

In doing sexual activities, the most important thing is that you must feel comfortable with your condition and accept yourself. You know best about what kind of position is comfortable. Communicating and exploring various sexual activities and positions with your partner will also help achieve satisfaction with each other. And you must remember, besides sexual activity, there are still many other things that strengthen the relationship between you and your partner.

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