Reviving the Spirit of Life After Women Sentenced to Infertility By Doctors

Reviving the Spirit of Life After Women Sentenced to Infertility By Doctors

Reviving the Spirit of Life After Women Sentenced to Infertility By Doctors


Almost all newly married couples want to have offspring immediately. However, not all couples can be so lucky. There are some couples who experience infertility, which can occur in both women and men. Even so, women are often blamed if couples cannot have offspring. Even though it's not always like that. As many as 40 percent of infertility comes from men, 40 percent from women, and the remaining 20 percent comes from both. Sentenced to infertility after a medical examination will cause mixed feelings, especially for women who are often blamed for this condition.

Facing emotional turmoil after being sentenced to barren

Both men and women will be disappointed and shocked when sentenced to infertility by an obstetrician. However, usually both of them have different responses to this problem. For example, a man will immerse himself in his work when stressed due to being barred. While women tend to want to vent or vent sadness.

Then, how can a woman rise again from her emotional turmoil after being sentenced to barren? Here are the things you can do.

1. Keep communication with your partner

Not being able to have offspring will be a disappointment for you and your partner. This will eventually lead to the breakdown of your marriage relationship. It's best to be open to your partner, talk about what you and your partner will do after this problem.

Remember, focus on solving problems and the next step. Don't think too much about, "Whose fault is this?" Because it's of no use either.

2. Just get over your feelings of sadness and emotions

Allow yourself to cry or be angry, just remove everything you feel. By all means, don't try to hold back that feeling. If you want to cry or be angry, just let go of everything, don't be buried.

By releasing your emotions, you tend to feel better than having to harbor them and choose more energy to think clearly and overcome them. If you need an interlocutor to vent everything, you can talk to the people closest to you. You can also ask for help from professionals such as therapists and psychologists if your emotional condition has prevented you from doing daily activities.

3. Look for activities that can reduce your stress

Doing activities that you like can be used as a way to relieve your stress. For example, traveling with friends or family, or starting a new hobby can help you release all the burden of your mind.

By doing things you can forget about the problem you are experiencing. Do this activity regularly, not just for a day or two. Because, maybe the stress will come back again because it has not been completely overcome.

4. Specify the next step

As a woman, you might be embarrassed, confused, or desperate because you can't get pregnant. Even though this is normal, don't let this feeling haunt you. If left unchecked, you run the risk of experiencing depression.

Therefore, it is important for you and your husband to focus on determining the next step. Making plans for your next steps will divert your mind from despair and shame.

Remember, you can still struggle to be a mother. For example through adoption of children. You can also finally decide to live without children. Whatever you and your partner's decisions, the important thing is to think carefully.

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