Recognize 6 Things That Make Children Easily Anxious and How to Overcome It

Recognize 6 Things That Make Children Easily Anxious and How to Overcome It

Recognize 6 Things That Make Children Easily Anxious and How to Overcome It


Recognize 6 Things That Make Children Easily Anxious and How to Overcome It

Worrying and worry does not only happen to parents, children also feel that way. But the things that children worry about with parents are certainly different. Worrying on children will affect moods and daily activities. To overcome this, children need help and support from parents. Actually, what are the things that cause the child to be anxious? How do parents handle it? Check out the following review.

What are the causes of anxious children?

If your child is anxious, maybe you can immediately find out because it is usually seen from his daily life. Children become more quiet or do not look excited in their activities. If the anxiety experienced by your child is not excessive, parents can certainly handle it themselves. But if the cause of anxious children is more complex and severe, you may need attention and help from a doctor or psychologist to deal with it.

Before you know how to handle child anxiety, you should first know what caused this to happen. The following are the things that cause children to be easily anxious, such as:

1. Feeling worried about his achievements

Because all children want to boast parents with their achievements in school. If you know the problem about academic value, the difficulty of the child in understanding the lesson, or failing the test, you can help him by bringing the tutor home to help him improve his achievement at school.

Suggesting ideas for children to conduct group learning with friends, can also help arouse their enthusiasm. This changes the thinking of a child who was worried or anxious about failure as a motivation to learn.

2. Fight with friends

Problems that occur between friends sometimes make children worry. They will think about how to deal with their friends tomorrow, when they will make up, or how to find new friends. This will reduce the child's enthusiasm for going to school.

Opening a conversation with a child about it, can help the child to get advice from you. Give an understanding that anyone can do wrong and to end the fight is to forgive one another. It may take time, but the child will naturally become familiar with his friends.

3. Experiencing violence (bullying)

Children can get this treatment verbally or physically. You need to teach children to distinguish bad behavior that must be avoided and good behavior that must be done. This avoids children becoming victims or bullying perpetrators. If this happens, you as a parent need school assistance to deal with bullying as soon as possible. Because bullying can cause trauma to children and affect children's mental health.

Recognize 6 Things That Make Children Easily Anxious and How to Overcome It

4. Moving house or changing schools

Moving a house or changing schools makes the child have to try again to adapt. You can invite children to play out, introduce children to other neighbors of the same age and have the same school. This makes it easy for children to have at least one new friend in their new environment. Recommending children to take extracurricular activities also helps children explore themselves and adapt.

5. Body condition of the child

The shape of the body affects the child's psychological condition. Children who tend to have bodies too thin or too fat, usually get special nicknames, such as 'the fat' or 'the skinny'. You should not call it by such a nickname. To change the condition of his body you may have to change the child's diet or invite him to do sports together.

6. Family problems and changes

Any changes and problems that occur in the family can interfere with the child, such as divorce or loss of family members. You must get closer to your child, still show a good relationship in front of the child, and provide an explanation of divorce or being left behind by loved ones and teaching children to accept change.

How to overcome anxiety in children?

If anxiety in children is not overcome, then it can become stressful. This can affect the health of his body. You need to pay attention to important symptoms related to anxiety disorders in children. This can be characterized by excessive and uncontrolled child anxiety. Check your doctor immediately to get a diagnosis and treatment or proper precautions.

There are many tips parents can do to overcome the concerns that children feel, such as those from Kids Health, namely:

Understand the cause

By looking at the behavior of children, parents may be able to guess what causes anxious children. But to make sure, maybe new parents make small talk. Ask the child who is worrying him or not. This is done so that parents become easier by dealing with fears and concerns that occur in children.

Shows your attention

By showing attention, this is not just to provide assistance to children to overcome their worries but also provide support and show that you understand the feelings. Give children an understanding if children misunderstand something and show the best way to overcome it.

But still involve the child to express his opinion about problem solving. Your presence around it also provides comfort to children so that anxiety or anxiety becomes reduced.

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