Rarely Change Sunglasses Turns Out It Can Damage Your Eyes

Rarely Change Sunglasses Turns Out It Can Damage Your Eyes

Rarely Change Sunglasses Turns Out It Can Damage Your Eyes


Sunglasses are not only used as accessories that will make your appearance more trendy, but also protect your eyes from UV exposure. Most people may never think of buying new glasses routinely as long as the glasses are still functioning properly. However, recent research warns that your sunglasses must be replaced regularly. If not routinely replaced, sunglasses can endanger eye health. Why is that? See the explanation in this article.

Why should sunglasses be replaced regularly?

A study published in OnLine Biomedical Engineering shows that UV light glasses that are used two hours or more each day tend to decrease lens function. This happens because the dark lens will eventually become bright because the lens layer is thinning and loses its ability to protect your eyes from UV light.

This research was conducted by testing the ability of special UV lenses that follow the Brazilian system, which is based on the level of darkness of the lens and protection against UV light. To get maximum results, sunglasses are directed towards the sun simulator in the form of a 450 watt lamp with a distance of 30 cm for 50 hours. As a result, the researchers found that the lens layer of the sunglasses was thinning when used continuously.

The time in this study is actually equivalent to two days full of glasses exposed to sun exposure in summer, or four days of sun exposure in winter. However, because of the closeness of Brazil to the equator, it makes the sun's exposure there much stronger and hotter than other countries. So in reality, this test is only equivalent to 23.5 hours of sun exposure in the city of São Paulo, for example.

When should I change sunglasses?

Because the results of the study found that the layer of sunglasses that are too long exposed to sunlight will be thinning, then this will certainly endanger your vision in the long run. As a result, the risk of damage to the cornea, the structure of the inside of the eye, until your loss of vision will also increase.

That's why, researchers are calling on you to regularly replace or buy new glasses at least once every two years to avoid the hazards mentioned earlier. Replace sunglasses once every two years is important to do for those of you who often do outdoor activities. Given that Indonesia has a tropical climate that is no less extreme than other countries.

If you never change glasses, then the function of the glasses will eventually be the same as ordinary glasses that have no minus. Where it only protects your eyes from dirt and dust, not from UV light.

Tips for choosing sunglasses that are good for eye health

Here are some tips that you should know before deciding to buy sunglasses:

  • Look for products that are 100 percent UV resistant with 100 percent protection. Usually you can find this information on the eyeglass label.
  • Choose the lens material and the color of the lens that suits your needs.
  • The suitability of the size, model and eyeglass frame is important. So, don't forget to try it first before buying it.

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