Psstt ... Rarely Can Toothbrushes Make Men Difficult to Have Heredity

Psstt ... Rarely Can Toothbrushes Make Men Difficult to Have Heredity

Psstt ... Rarely Can Toothbrushes Make Men Difficult to Have Heredity


Maintaining oral health is very important to prevent tooth decay and loss. But it turns out that being diligent about toothbrushes is equally important to ensure fertility. Men who rarely brush their teeth tend to be more difficult to impregnate their partners if they rarely brush their teeth. Why, how come?

Rarely do toothbrushes cause dangerous gum infections

It is rare for toothbrushes to cause cavities (caries) and inflammation of the gums due to accumulation of bacterial plaque. If it continues to be left, the gums become loose, inflamed reddish, easy to bleed, and suppurate. The teeth become sensitive and loose. This condition is called gingivitis. Over time gingivitis can develop more severely, causing chronic inflammation of the teeth called periodintitis.

Periodintitis causes the gums to recede away from the teeth so that they show the roots of the teeth. Open gums make blood flow around the teeth vulnerable to contamination with bacteria that cause disease. The toxins produced by bacteria then begin to attack the tissues and bones that hold the teeth in place, making the teeth loose and easily released. Bacteria can also circulate throughout the body by riding in the bloodstream. This is why gum disease has long been associated with an increased risk of a number of chronic diseases such as heart disease, respiratory disorders, kidney disorders, and also strokes.

Psstt ... Rarely Can Toothbrushes Make Men Difficult to Have Heredity

As a result of rarely toothbrushes (source: shutterstock)

So, what is the consequence of rarely brushing teeth on male fertility?

Gum and tooth disease caused by rarely brushing your teeth can cause your sperm and semen to deteriorate. Although it is not yet clear what the causal relationship is, there are many theories that can support that oral health is very influential on your chances of impregnating your partner.

First, almost all dental and gum diseases are affected by bacteria that multiply too far. Bacterial buildup in the mouth can then spread throughout the body and multiply further in other areas of the body. When an infection or trace of bacteria is found in your semen, this condition is referred to as bacteriospermia - which is characterized by a small amount of sperm, the movement of non-agile sperm, and abnormal sperm forms. Abnormalities in sperm have been shown to be one of the risk factors for male infertility.

Secondly, infected gums can release large amounts of toxins that trigger inflammation, thus triggering the body's immune system to overreact when trying to fight it. Excessive reactions from the immune system make it overwhelming to distinguish between good and evil. As a result, the immune system returns to attack healthy and non-threatening cells, such as sperm cells. This can also affect the implantation of a fertilized egg.

Poor oral health in men in general is also influenced by smoking habits. Men who smoke are at high risk of dental and gum disease. In addition, the smoking habit itself is also known to have a negative impact on infertility.

Rarely do toothbrushes make it difficult for women to get pregnant

Inflammation of the gums causes blood flow in the mouth to be vulnerable to being contaminated by bacteria. In women, gum disease has the potential to extend the time needed to get pregnant. Researchers at Western Australia University found that women who experience gum inflammation need to wait for up to seven months to a year until they can become pregnant successfully. The average woman usually only needs to wait approximately five months to get pregnant.

Meanwhile, pregnant women who have chronic gum disease have a risk eight times higher for having a miscarriage, giving birth to a premature baby, or low birth weight.

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