Psstt ... Pretending Orgasms When Making Love Can Be "Weapons" Stimulating Couples

Psstt ... Pretending Orgasms When Making Love Can Be "Weapons" Stimulating Couples

Psstt ... Pretending Orgasms When Making Love Can Be "Weapons" Stimulating Couples


Psstt ... Pretending Orgasms When Making Love Can Be

During sex, orgasm is one of the bonuses that couples can get. Unfortunately not everyone can reach orgasm easily when having sex.

Some things that hinder the occurrence of orgasm include stress, lack of confidence, sometimes even you are tired but not comfortable to reject the couple's invitation to make love. This is what sometimes makes one partner, especially women, try to fake their orgasm.

Faking orgasms isn't always detrimental, really!

Faking orgasm falls is like lying to a partner. However, not always pretending orgasm means bad to do. Check out some of the benefits of fake orgasms for your relationship with your partner.

1. Help each other to be more satisfied

Some people deliberately fake orgasms in order to satisfy their partners. However, the benefits don't stop there. It is precisely by satisfying your partner, you yourself will feel more excited and excited. That's why your own enjoyment can increase because your partner is satisfied.

2. Increase passion

The orgasm is not steady if it's not accompanied by a sigh or spoiled scream when it reaches its peak. Well, you don't get the wrong idea when your partner pretends to orgasm while sighing or softly screaming. It could be this as a way and effort that he did so that his own passion aroused and increased.

That way, positively, faking orgasm can be an effort that your partner really wants to make sex more passionate. Who would have thought also by faking orgasm, you could actually reach the true climax.

3. To "take over" control in bed

For most couples, men who usually take control in bed. Starting from determining sex position, when will penetration, until when to finish sex. Well, faking orgasm can be an ingenious way for women to take over.

This can also be a sign that fake orgasm is done as a code to change sex positions. For example, you actually have a favorite sex position that is rarely practiced with a partner. When one day you and your partner try the position, you fake an orgasm so that your partner knows that you really like that position.

Psstt ... Pretending Orgasms When Making Love Can Be

Don't keep faking orgasms every time you make love

You think maybe at this time faking orgasm is the best way so you don't hurt your partner's ego. However, constantly faking orgasms can turn damage to your partner's relationship and trust. Here are things that must be considered before you pretend to orgasm.

1. Failure to harvest his health benefits

When orgasm occurs, the body will activate many useful chemicals. Examples are dopamine, vasopressin, endorphins, and oxytocin. These hormones can provide many emotional and physical benefits, including better sleep, temporary pain relief, reduced anxiety, an increase in the immune system, a more focused mind, and pleasure.

Well, if you fake an orgasm, you can lose some of those benefits. So, it's a good idea to practice stimulation points, and communicate with your partner about how to have sex that can make you both orgasm.

2. Couples don't know what sex you like

When you want to reach real orgasm, you and your partner can both explore things that are liked and disliked, and vice versa.

Well, if you like to fake orgasms, you lose yourself. Your partner will not know how to satisfy you properly. You will also find it hard to get real love satisfaction.

3. Cultivate dishonesty between you and your partner

Faking means lying. Then indirectly you also lie to your partner about the pleasure you feel. That's why faking orgasms should not be done every time you make love. If your partner knows, he will feel cheated, and this will backfire for your relationship.

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