Psstt, People Who Have This Face Shape Have the Most Sexual Passion (You Are The One?)

Psstt, People Who Have This Face Shape Have the Most Sexual Passion (You Are The One?)

Psstt, People Who Have This Face Shape Have the Most Sexual Passion (You Are The One?)


The face is a reflection of the owner of the body. Many things can be seen from a person's face, whether it's age or detecting lies from his expression. The face shape can also reveal how high your sexual arousal is so far it might be buried inside. A Canadian study reports that people with the following typical facial forms have high sexual arousal. What kind of face? Indeed, what does the face shape have to do with someone's high-sex desire?

People who have a wide face have high sexual desire

The shape of a human face can be related to certain attitudes, behaviors, and personality characteristics. Now, a Canadian study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior reports that people who have a wide face have higher sexual arousal than other groups who have smaller faces.

The researcher determined the width of a person's face by measuring the difference between the length of the face (from the top of the forehead to the tip of the chin) with the width of the face (from the far right side of the face to the left side of the face closest to the ear). According to this study, the greater the difference between the length and width of your face, the higher your sex drive.

Simply put, both men and women with characteristics of facial shapes that are shorter, wider, and more square, are reported to have high libido.

The wider the face of a man, the more vulnerable to cheating

This conclusion was obtained by the same research team after gathering 145 students, of which almost half were male. All of these students are known to be in a love affair with their partners at the time of the research.

The research team then asked them to submit their photographs of their faces and fill out a related questionnaire about their habits, behavior, sexual activity, and sex drive. Afterwards, they were also given questions about their views and attitudes towards free sex and infidelity.

After measuring the difference in length of the ratio of each participant's face and processing data from the questionnaire, researchers found that men who had wide and square faces were more prone to be tempted to cheat because of their high sex drive.

What does sexual desire have to do with face shape?

The high level of sexual arousal is closely related to the sex hormone testosterone. The higher the level of testosterone in the body, the higher your libido.

Researchers believe that people who have high testosterone levels tend to have wide, square faces. This is what makes experts conclude that the hormone testosterone also affects the shape of a person's face.

Of course not all people with wide-faced automatic can be immediately labeled as perverts or cheating. However, the characteristics and personality of each person varies depending on many other factors. The reason everyone decides to have an affair can be based on many things.

On the other hand, a person's high sexual arousal is also influenced by many things. For example, an unhealthy lifestyle (consuming too much alcohol, smoking, often staying up late, eating fatty foods) to certain health problems.

Further research remains to be done to ascertain the link between face shape and sexual arousal.

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