Psst ... Diligent Writing on Paper Can Sharpen Memory!

Psst ... Diligent Writing on Paper Can Sharpen Memory!

Psst ... Diligent Writing on Paper Can Sharpen Memory!


More and more people are leaving the habit of writing by hand because they are used to typing. Even though it feels boring and makes you tired quickly, writing with your hands unexpectedly turns out to be of great benefit to your memory. What's the connection?

Accustomed to writing hands can improve memory

The above theory was concluded by two psychology researchers, Pam Mueller from Princeton University and Daniel Oppenheime from the University of California, Los Angeles. They recruited a number of students who were asked to listen to the lecture material delivered by a lecturer in the class.

Previously, participants had been divided into two groups to do different tasks: the first group was asked to write while listening to the lecturer, while the second group was asked to type on a personal laptop. Half an hour later, all participants were tested on what material was explained by the lecturer.

As a result, the detailed records of the student group typing on the laptop look exactly the same as what was delivered by the lecturer, it even looks like a recording transcript. Meanwhile, notes from the student group who recorded with their hands were more messy and seemed to be jumping irregularly.

Even so, students who are asked to take notes on paper actually show sharper memories related to the detailed information of the material and deeper understanding. Students who make notes on laptops actually show lower learning motivation.

The benefits of hand writing to improve one's memory

Mueller and Oppenheime believe that handwriting is a good way to save, recall, while concluding the essence of a material topic while studying.

Writing a hand is one way to improve memory memory in the brain. Research from Intech also states that writing hands can strengthen a person's memory of what he learned, while learning while typing on a laptop is not very good for the brain.

Researchers also found that hand writing allows the brain to receive feedback from a person's motor movements. But this feedback is not accepted by the brain when you take notes and type on a laptop.

Movements when writing hands are also believed to leave memory in the sensorimotor part of the brain. So that this can help people recognize letters written and build a relationship between reading and writing. The researchers believe writing by hand does take longer than typing on the keyboard, but is more useful for the process of remembering and learning.

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