Pssst, the habit of brisk walking can be a long-term secret, you know!

Pssst, the habit of brisk walking can be a long-term secret, you know!

Pssst, the habit of brisk walking can be a long-term secret, you know!


He said, walking is the lightest and easiest exercise. Especially if you don't have much time for sports, then walking can be the right choice because it can be done anywhere. The good news for those of you who like to walk, especially brisk walking, this activity is allegedly able to extend your life, you know.

Yes, according to a study that the faster your tempo goes, then the chance to live longer will be even wider. How could that be? Come on, see more in the review below.

Research proves that walking fast can extend a person's life

This statement arises from a research result. The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, conducted a survey of 11 populations with a total of 50,225 pedestrians in a period of approximately 14 years.

The researchers collected some data such as the participants' walking speed grouped into several categories, including slow, medium, and fast movement and tempo of walking.

They agreed that groups of people on brisk walking had speeds of five to seven kilometers per hour.

Why can walking fast can make a person's age longer?

Well, to connect the two, researchers then adjust the results of their analysis with various factors that can affect a person's life expectancy, such as age, gender, body mass index (BMI), and routine physical activity.

The results of the study reveal that walking with a "moderate" tempo is thought to be able to extend the life up to 20 percent higher than the slow tempo of walking. While for brisk walking, the likelihood is even higher, which is up to 25 percent compared to groups of people who walk slowly or moderately.

Experts conclude that brisk walking habits can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 25 percent. So, without realizing the tempo on foot that you have been doing has an effect on health.

Pssst, the habit of brisk walking can be a long-term secret, you know!

The benefits of walking fast can also be felt by the elderly

Uniquely, the results of the study also show that the habit of walking quickly also has a very positive effect, especially for the elderly.

Yes, participants who have reached old age, around 60 years or older, have a 46 percent lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease if they are walking at a moderate time. In fact, it will increase to 53 percent higher if the tempo of walking is done even faster.

This statement is also strengthened by research from the University of Pittsburgh which proves that the elderly who are able to walk faster for approximately one year, usually have the opportunity to survive longer, even up to eight years into the future.

So, it doesn't hurt to try to walk more often to improve the body while extending your life expectancy. Moreover, walking can be done anywhere and anytime.

If you want more optimal results, you can also combine it with a series of other exercises that can train flexibility, balance, and endurance, whether at home or at the fitness center.

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