Pregnant urine exits blood, what are the causes and dangers?

Pregnant urine exits blood, what are the causes and dangers?

Pregnant urine exits blood, what are the causes and dangers?


During pregnancy, there are many changes experienced by the mother's body. This change is caused by hormones that change during pregnancy. Not infrequently, the body of pregnant women is susceptible to some health problems, including bleeding urine. What causes bloody urine during pregnancy?

The cause of bloody urine during pregnancy

Bloody urine during pregnancy is often caused by urinary tract or urinary tract infections (UTI). This infection is an inflammatory condition caused by bacteria in the urinary tract. Bloody urine during pregnancy is at high risk at 6 to 24 weeks' gestation.

This condition also occurs because of changes in the urinary tract of prospective mothers. The uterus which is above the bladder eventually enlarges because it is filled with the fetus. When the uterus grows, the weight of the uterus will increase and can block the urinary tract and then an infection appears.

Note the following symptoms of urinary tract infection:

  • Pain or feeling hot (uncomfortable) when urinating
  • Urinating more often
  • More often feel dying urinating
  • Urine that comes out mixed with blood or mucus
  • Pain and cramps in the lower abdomen
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Fever, sweating and sometimes experiencing bedwetting
  • When the bacteria that causes infection spreads to the kidneys, you may experience back pain, chills, fever, nausea, and vomiting.

Can this condition of bloody urine during pregnancy affect the baby in the womb?

Yes you can. This happens if a urinary tract infection that causes urine to be mixed with blood is not handled properly. Complications of urinary tract infections in pregnant women can cause kidney infections. Kidney infection can cause premature labor and low birth weight.

In addition, blood in the urine of pregnant women must also be tested by the laboratory first. It should be noted also when blood appears when urinating. If blood appears at the beginning of urination, this is often a sign of a problem in the urethra. If blood appears at the end of urination, it is often a sign of bleeding in the bladder neck.

While the blood that comes out during urination, it indicates a disease of the genitourinary system. If you quickly see a doctor, generally UTI will not harm your fetus.

How to treat and prevent urinary tract infections while pregnant?

Urinary tract infections that occur in pregnant women can be treated using safe antibiotics. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics that must be taken for a maximum of about 3 to 7 days.

Antibiotics given by doctors are special antibiotic drugs that are safe for pregnant women and fetuses. Contact your doctor if you have a fever, chills, lower abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, contractions, or if after taking medication for three days, you still have a feeling of burning when you urinate.

Pregnant women can prevent urinary tract infections in the following ways:

  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day and regular unsweetened cranberry juice.
  • Avoid eating processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.
  • Take supplements or foods that contain vitamin C, beta-carotene and zinc to help fight infection.
  • Don't hold urine and urinate until the bladder is empty
  • Urination before and after sexual intercourse
  • After urinating, dry the vagina using a clean towel or cloth. Make sure you wipe from front to back
  • Avoid using chemical soaps, antiseptic creams or feminine perfumes.
  • Change underwear 2 to 3 times a day
  • Avoid wearing pants or underwear too tight
  • Don't soak in a bathtub for more than 30 minutes

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