Plus Minus uses a full face helmet

Plus Minus uses a full face helmet

Plus Minus uses a full face helmet


Plus Minus uses a full face helmet

For those of you who choose to drive using a motorbike everyday, the challenge is quite a lot. Especially if it's not because there are a lot of holes, other motorbike riders are reckless (especially the mothers who use the left-hand dimmer, but suddenly turn right), until the bus or truck also sometimes turns around as they please. We as motorbike riders must be extra careful.

Okay, if you already have a SIM or use driving equipment that you think is safe. But, don't let you choose the helmet! Wrong choice of helmet, might be fatal as a result on the road.

The danger of a non full face helmet

According to a study conducted by researchers in Brazil and published in The Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, a helmet with an open face and not a full face provides the same protection as not wearing a helmet at all. This study was conducted on 253 motorists who had just had a road accident and suffered injuries and head trauma as a result.

Of those respondents, 156 people did not wear helmets when accidents occurred, 51 people wore non full face helmets, and only 46 people wore full face helmets. Of 156 who did not wear helmets at all, 69.2 percent had traumatic brain injuries. Surprisingly, 76.5 percent of patients taking non full face helmets also suffered the same brain injury. Compare that with 52 percent of patients who wear full face helmets who suffer from brain trauma.

Traumatic brain injury is loss of consciousness, memory loss of events leading up to an accident, changes in mental state during an accident, or damage to nerves.

This study also shows that as many as 16 percent of accident patients who did not use helmets at all, suffered injuries to the upper head. In patients wearing non full face helmets, the number was 3.9 percent. Whereas for full face helmet users, upper head injuries only occur in 2.2 percent of people.

The researchers concluded, a full face helmet is the best choice for motorbike driving, because drivers with open helmets or those who do not use helmets are at all likely to suffer from more severe facial and head injuries.

Other benefits of wearing a full face helmet

As written in, a means of socialization managed by the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation to increase awareness of the importance of driving safety, a full face helmet has several advantages, such as the following:

  1. You will keep your head protected from rain in the rainy season. If it rains heavily, rainwater will be very painful if exposed to the face directly. The full face helmet itself is a helmet that meets safety standards. You will also avoid getting drenched in the head using this helmet.
  2. Your appearance will look better. A full face helmet is a type of helmet that is good in terms of quality, so that it will indirectly make you more attractive when using it. Prices may be a little more expensive, but by spending a small budget, this is worth the security you get.
  3. The benefits that are of course most important to you are that your security is more secure and protected from undesirable things (plus, you also won't be ticketed by the police, unless you violate other rules). Like the current national helmet standard regulations, a full face helmet is a recommended helmet. By using a full face helmet you will be able to drive on the highway more safely and comfortably, plus showing that you are a person who obeys the rules.
  4. Full face helmets are also very important to keep your face from air pollution, dust, smoke, gravel or small objects that suddenly come from the front of you.

By using a full face helmet, the security of your head will be more secure. Quoted from, in addition to the head, a full face helmet also increases safety for your neck.

In America, a study says 60% of all accidents will hit the chin area upwards, including the eyes and forehead. If you wear a full face helmet, the front of your head will be much safer because a full face helmet protects the entire front from the chin to the back of your head including the neck.

Lack of a full face helmet

Even though a full face helmet is very safe compared to other helmets, this helmet has some disadvantages too, like the following:

  • You will feel very hot in the dry season or summer.
  • Glass will evaporate in winter, when it rains heavily, or in foggy weather.
  • If you want to sneeze or cough, you must be ready to take off your full face helmet first. If not, you should be prepared to withstand the smell of your sneezing and coughing.

So, before choosing to drive with your motorcycle, don't forget to make sure the driving equipment is safe. In particular, your helmet must be safe and guaranteed to protect you, especially the head.

If you are just about to buy a full face helmet, make sure the helmet you buy has ventilation and can work well. You certainly don't want to overheat right?

Happy driving safely!


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