Peel Complete Benefits of Duck Meat and Nutritional Content

Peel Complete Benefits of Duck Meat and Nutritional Content

Peel Complete Benefits of Duck Meat and Nutritional Content


Duck meat is a good source of protein besides chicken and beef. Even so, duck meat is also famous for its high cholesterol content. Then is eating duck meat healthy? Before knowing the answer, let's first know the benefits of duck meat and its nutritional content here.

Nutrient content in duck meat

Duck meat as a protein source that has a high number of calories and high fat content. In 45 grams of duck meat (one piece), there are 7 grams of protein, 150 calories, and 13 grams of fat. This amount is equivalent to 45 grams of chicken meat with skin. Then what are the nutrients in it?


Protein is the substance most needed by the body. The main function of protein is as a body building agent. Protein also helps boost the body's immunity, to fight infection.

In 100 grams of duck meat provides 55 percent of your daily protein needs.


Consumption of saturated fat has a greater effect on your blood cholesterol level than cholesterol intake. Limit your saturated fat intake to no more than 7-10 percent of your daily calories.

85 grams of skin-cooked duck meat contains 4 grams of saturated fat, and contains 75 milligrams of cholesterol. Meanwhile, 85 grams of duck meat cooked with skin contains 8 grams of saturated fat and 70 milligrams of cholesterol.

Peel Complete Benefits of Duck Meat and Nutritional Content

This is around 25 percent of the recommended limit of 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day for healthy adults. If you have heart disease or high cholesterol, limit your daily cholesterol intake to 200 milligrams per day.

For example, your calorie needs in one day are 2,000 calories. So 20 percent or 40 percent of saturated fat intake is recommended for that day, depending on the type of duck meat that you have.

Vitamins and minerals

Duck meat contains abundant vitamins and minerals. This includes iron, zinc, selenium, B vitamins, potassium, and phosphorus.

Even duck meat provides an excellent source of iron, namely heme iron. This is a group of iron which is often found in meat, not only ducks, but also in cows and chickens, and fish. This iron is more easily absorbed by your body than non-heme iron found in plant foods. Iron regulates a variety of metabolic activities, helps regulate cell growth, and helps in the production of certain enzymes.

In duck meat there are also vitamins B12 and B6. Vitamin B helps your body produce energy from the food you eat.

In addition, zinc and selenium are components that cannot be abandoned. Each consume 3.5 grams of duck meat containing 1.9 milligrams of zinc (ie 17% dose needed by men and 24% dose needed by women in one day) and 14 micrograms selenium. Both can function to improve your immune system.

What are the benefits of duck meat for health?

Although many say that this meat is bad for cholesterol levels but duck meat still has health benefits. When viewed from its nutritional content, the benefits of duck meat are to prevent anemia, help improve the immune system, and as a good source of protein.

If you have high cholesterol levels, choose duck meat cooked without adding a lot of fat or without skin. Limit consumption, no more than one serving of skinless ducks per day.

Avoid eating crispy ducks, because these ducks are usually fried with their skin. Roast or boiled duck is a better choice than fried.

Eat foods that are low in choleceterol and saturated fats for duck meat complementary foods.

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