Overcome Acne In One Night With Aspirin

Overcome Acne In One Night With Aspirin

Overcome Acne In One Night With Aspirin


Overcome Acne In One Night With Aspirin

Acne is one of the skin problems that can make you lose confidence. Because the pimples that arise on the face will cause red spots that are quite disturbing. If you have an important event the next day, of course these sudden pimples will make you feel anxious. How about getting red and inflamed tomorrow? Your acne can be the center of attention when people talk or interact with you. This means you need to quickly remove acne.

What are the causes of acne?

Many people believe that facial skin that is dirty and stressful can cause acne. In fact, these two things are not the cause of acne. Washing your face too often can actually trigger and aggravate acne because your face will become more dry and irritable.

There are many factors that cause acne. Experts believe that the increase and change in hormone levels is one of the most decisive factors. This is why acne often appears on the skin of teenagers, pregnant women, and women who are menstruating. Other acne causes include oily makeup, excessive sweating, and certain types of drugs such as steroids and birth control pills. In addition, acne-prone skin can also be genetically inherited from your parents.

Aspirin to get rid of zits quickly

Aspirin known as a salicylate derivative drug has analgesic properties to help deal with pain and anti-inflammatory properties to relieve inflammation. Usually aspirin is given to reduce fever and pain in muscles, head, or gums.

If it is used as a mask for the face, Aspirin can quickly help eliminate redness of acne caused by inflammation. The content of salicylic acid in Aspirin will accelerate cell turnover and open facial pores so that collagen production will increase. Collagen is useful for filling the uneven surface of the skin so that the face becomes smoother. Aspirin masks will not leave scars that usually appear after the skin peels through peeling, exfoliating, or facial scrubbing.

What types of acne can be treated with Aspirin?

Facial treatment with an Aspirin mask is recommended for those of you who have reddish zits. In addition, the Aspirin mask is also proven to be effective in dealing with blackheads and black spots on acne spots. However, if your acne has inflamed for quite a long time, you should consult a dermatologist. You may need oral medications or antibiotics to speed up the healing process.

How do you make an Aspirin mask?

Aspirin masks can be made easily and quickly. You can mix it yourself at home with fairly simple ingredients. Prepare five Aspirin pills and dissolve them with a few drops of water. To soften, you can destroy the pill with your finger. If the pill has dissolved and turned into a paste, add half a teaspoon of honey and mix until blended. Apply to face evenly and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry by tapping a soft towel on the face.

If you don't want to apply a mask to your entire face, you can dissolve one Aspirin pill with water to form a paste. Then apply to your pimples and leave for a few hours. You can also leave it overnight. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft towel.

Facial treatment with a mask Aspirin is safe for the skin and body as long as you don't exceed the usual dose of Aspirin in a day. So you should use an Aspirin mask no more than once a day.

Side effects of Aspirin mask

Although Aspirin masks look safe and easy, you need to be careful about the side effects. Do not use an Aspirin mask if you are allergic to Aspirin or salicylic acid because it can cause shortness of breath, facial swelling, and stomach disorders. Those of you who have Reye's syndrome, are pregnant and breastfeeding, or are taking other drugs are also not recommended to use an Aspirin mask. This mask should also not be given to children under the age of 16 years.

Aspirin masks can make the skin drier, so don't forget to apply a facial moisturizer after rinsing the mask. If you have dry facial skin type, avoid using facial cleansers and astringents that are too hard before applying an Aspirin mask.


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