Ortho-K: Minus Eyes Become Normal Without Surgery

Ortho-K: Minus Eyes Become Normal Without Surgery

Ortho-K: Minus Eyes Become Normal Without Surgery


Who is the person with minus eye (myopia) who doesn't want to be free from glasses and contact lenses? It cannot be denied, even though eyeglasses and contact lenses are life helpers for people with myopia, but the use of these viewing aids sometimes feels annoying, right? Indeed, as technology develops, the choice of surgery as a way out is no stranger, but how many people are brave enough to perform surgical procedures on the eye? For those of you who want to be free of glasses and contact lenses, but are still hesitant to undergo vision correction surgery in the eye, there are other alternatives that might be taken into consideration, namely Ortho-K.

What is Ortho-K?

Ortho-K or Orthokeratology is a procedure that can be done to correct visual abnormalities by rearranging the shape of the cornea. The rearrangement of the shape of the cornea is done by the use of contact lenses which will later affect the curvature of the cornea. In fact, Ortho-K technology has been implemented since the 1960s, however, along with technological developments, Ortho-K has also been developed better, where contact lenses used in the present are more breathable so that the eyes still get an adequate supply of oxygen .

The way Ortho-K works and operating procedures like LASIK are different.

The principle of how Ortho-K works and operating procedures such as LASIK are actually almost similar, where both together involve modifying the shape of the cornea. It must be remembered, that the use of Ortho-K is temporary, in contrast to surgical procedures such as LASIK that are permanent. In Ortho-K, the principle is to emphasize from the outside on the cornea so that the shape of the cornea changes, however, after a certain period of time, the shape of the cornea will return to normal. Whereas in the LASIK procedure, corneal modification is done by making incisions in the eye and directly undergoing corneal reshaping.

Can Ortho-K be freely obtained?

Of course not, because contact lenses obtained by each patient are different. It is necessary to measure the corneal topography and measure refractive abnormalities suffered by the patient, so that each patient gets contact lenses that are already customized.

How long should Ortho-K be used until the minus eye becomes normal again?

The contact lenses in the Ortho-K procedure are hard contact lenses that will be used during the patient's sleep (usage time is approximately 6-8 hours), and will be released the next morning. During the day, patients will get normal vision without the need to use reading aids.

Is the use of Ortho-K dangerous?

Each procedure must have side effects or complications. Some of the most common complications that may occur due to the use of contact lenses in the Ortho-K procedure are infection and formation of scar tissue, staining of the cornea, changes in the original shape of the cornea, and changes in eyeball pressure. Therefore, in patients undergoing the Ortho-K procedure, it is necessary to routinely control the relevant ophthalmologist according to the time specified.

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