Often Use Hairdryers and Catokan? These Tips For Damaged Hair

Often Use Hairdryers and Catokan? These Tips For Damaged Hair

Often Use Hairdryers and Catokan? These Tips For Damaged Hair


Often Use Hairdryers and Catokan? These Tips For Damaged Hair

Drying your hair using a hair dryer does have many advantages. In addition to dry hair faster, you can also arrange your hair to look neat as you wish. However, the heat produced by the hair dryer can make your hair damaged. Not only hairdryers, other hair styling tools such as curves and curling irons also have the effect of damaging the hair layer.

How to keep your hair healthy even if you use a hairdryer and brush?

If you really can't live without a hairstyling tool, you can minimize the shortcomings like:

1. Buy a good tool

Not that you have to buy an expensive tool. You only need to buy and make sure the tool you buy is right to keep your hair healthy. According to Mark Goodman, an expert on hair care professionals, hairstyling requires some basic features, and usually the device must offer a different heating setting. Some tools have a choice of heat settings so we can choose the level of heat needed.

According to Susan Thalken, a Studio 8 salon owner in Hollywood, buy a blow dryer from a trusted beauty shop to get professional tools. The advantage of a professional hairdryer lies in the strength and airflow it produces.

2. Get to know your hair

You can arrange your hair according to the thickness of your hair. "Finer hair, use low temperatures," Goodman said. Especially if you have very thin hair, try to use the lowest temperature. However, that does not mean rough hair can use high temperatures. Even experts say they rarely use extreme heat levels.

3. Take care of your hair from the heat generated by hairstyling tools

You can choose silicone drying products, curlers and hair straighteners to keep your hair. Try not to use metal hairstyling often. According to Carolyn Jacob, MD, a dermatologist and Associate Clinical of Dermatology instructor at Northwestern University School of Medicine, Chicago, hair dryers are far better than metal type heaters - such as curlers and hair straighteners.

In addition, the hair dryer can be used with a distance that is not too close and can be moved quickly so that it keeps your hair from being exposed to heat too long. If you prefer hair curlers and straighteners, it's a good idea not to hold it for more than three or four minutes on each part of your hair.

4. Use a hair dryer when the hair is half dry

If you do have more time to wait for your hair to dry naturally, then wait until your hair is 70-80 percent dry. Then, dry it perfectly with a hairdyer. If the tool you are using has a setting of drying with cold air, choose the 'cold' setting - there are some products that emit cold, or not hot air flow.

What treatments can be taken to maintain healthy hair?

What if your hair is already dry and damaged due to frequent contact with hairstyling devices? Here are some natural tips for dry and damaged hair:

1. Avocado mask

Blend or crush the avocado, then mix with the eggs and apply when the hair is still wet. Leave for twenty minutes, then rinse several times. Do this treatment once a week if your hair is damaged. As for getting healthy hair, do it once a month. Why do you have to use avocados? Because avocados contain fatty acids and minerals that can repair and restore your hair's luster, according to Stephen Sanna, a hair dye expert at the Pierre Michel Salon in New York.

2. Massaging using butter

To get a shine of hair from dry and brittle hair, prepare a few pieces of butter. Apply to your hair and massage gently. Then use a hair cap, aka shower cap, about half an hour. Wash with shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

3. Moisturize hair with olive oil

Heat ½ cup of olive oil (not boiled) and rub it on your hair. Cover your hair with plastic and wrap it all with a towel. Do it for 45 minutes, then wash with shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Olive oil is good for restoring your hair's moisture.

4. Rinse with tea water

To get a natural shine, you can also use tea - without sugar, to rinse your hair. Use this herb after cleaning the shampoo. Tea can maintain your hair color. Use black tea to enrich your hair color.

5. Apple vinegar mask

Combine one teaspoon of apple vinegar with two teaspoons of olive oil and 3 eggs (only the egg whites). Rub it on your head. Cover your hair for one and a half hours, then wash with shampoo as usual, and rinse.

6. Eggs as 'shampoo'

Eggs do smell rancid, but they can soften hair. Mix one egg on your shampoo, then apply to your damaged hair, leave it for five minutes, and rinse thoroughly. Eggs can increase the protein content in your hair.

7. Coconut oil as a powerful herb

Coconut oil is one of the effective drugs to deal with damaged hair. Use when your hair is wet and apply little by little coconut oil. Use a shower cap and warm towel for about 30 minutes, then wash and rinse thoroughly.


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