Obsessed Do you want to be thin? Apply These 5 Rules to a Safe Diet

Obsessed Do you want to be thin? Apply These 5 Rules to a Safe Diet

Obsessed Do you want to be thin? Apply These 5 Rules to a Safe Diet


Many people today are even teenagers obsessed with diet, to get a beautiful, slender, eye-catching body? Many who are competing to consume slimming pills, eat only once a day, are busy weighing the calories to be eaten. The result will actually be malnutrition. Obsessed with diet is not something good for anyone, especially teenagers. Check out what to do if you are really obsessed with dieting.

Healthy rules to do if you are diet obsessed

1. Don't forget to always be grateful

Rather than always comparing with the celebrity body that is slim on the results of photo editing, why don't you start to be grateful for all the body conditions that you have? There are still many people out there who are far from full enough, even lacking. The point is to keep yourself focused and grateful for your body strength and all the needs you have.

2. Choose an adequate portion of food, so there is no guilt afterwards

Sometimes eating large portions of food will only make you feel guilty about the food you eat. Preferably, before eating, choose the portion that would not leave a feeling of regret afterwards. You can guess how hungry you are, and how many calories you need per day, and how much is enough to meet your food intake for a healthy body.

3. Do a sport that is really fun for you

Aside from being obsessed with dieting, teenagers will also exercise hard until fatigue arises. This is clearly wrong, if indeed the purpose of your diet is to get a slim, healthy and fit body.

Allow a diet (by eating healthy food), but not with exercise that will only lead to severe fatigue or end to injury. Try combined with fun workout activities. For example, zumba or aerobics, futsal or basketball, which at least you get the word "fun and fun" from the sport you pursue. That way you can get a healthy body, the soul is also happy to be happy.

4. Stop counting counting calories before eating

Instead of being tired before eating always counts calories (which is certainly also a burden on itself), it's a good idea to focus on eating foods that are nutrient-intensive and highly nutritious. When you eat foods that are rich in nutrients, your body will use all the nutrients contained in them. So, the better the quality of food you eat, the easier it will be to get the body you desire.

5. Come on, try changing your mind. Make the diet a healthy lifestyle, not endure hunger

Most, when you are obsessed with a diet, all you think about is calories, scales, and holding back hunger. Obviously that is wrong, if you can remove the wrong assumption like that. No need to be afraid to eat or to endure hunger. In fact, you can instead see it as a healthy lifestyle that you begin to pursue, because it is important for health, not for your ideal body. With a healthy lifestyle, you can fortify yourself from all kinds of ailments, unhealthy bodies, and the bonus of getting the ideal body shape.

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