Not Only in Hair, Lice Can Also Stop in the Armpit Feathers

Not Only in Hair, Lice Can Also Stop in the Armpit Feathers

Not Only in Hair, Lice Can Also Stop in the Armpit Feathers


It turns out it's not just hair that can curse. Although strange and rarely heard, the feathers of the armpit are not a new phenomenon. But make no mistake, the lice in armpit are different types, you know, with head lice! So, is the way to overcome it also different?

The type of lice in the armpit is the same as pubic lice

The lice species that grope hair are Pediculus humanus capitis, while the flea species commonly found in armpit feathers are Phtirus pubis - which often settles in pubic hair. For the record, the disease caused by the phtirus pubis lice is also called pediculosis pubis.

In addition to the armpits, these fleas can also get to other hairy areas in the body, such as chest hair, leg hair, beard, even eyelashes and eyebrows.

Lice in your armpit can be transmitted to other people

Lice cannot jump or fly from one person to another . It is said to be contagious if there is close contact with the person being cured. Because the tiny parasite has specially adjusted claws so they are able to crawl and stick tightly to the hair. Fleas are usually spread by close direct contact, allowing them to cross from one person's hair to another's hair.

For example, if you have a feather armpit, then use personal items alternately with someone who is clean, such as clothes, sheets, and combs. This habit can trigger the spread of fleas from one person to another. Children are particularly vulnerable to fleas because they tend to have close physical contact with each other and more often borrow personal goods from each other.

Without humans as their perch, these fleas will die in 1 to 2 days. So, it is unlikely that this lice can be contagious if you do not come into direct and close contact with the sufferer.

What needs to be noted is that underarms don't sit on pets such as dogs or cats. So, don't worry, you won't get this bug from your pet.

What are the symptoms of feather armpit feathers?

The feathers of the armpit are identical to the itching in the armpit. Actually not the body is what makes your armpit skin itchy, but it is from the body's reaction to toxins in the saliva of ticks that bite the skin to drink your blood. However, how long the itching appears depends on how sensitive your skin is.

In addition to itching, the armpit skin of the curse can also reveal a reddish rash and small spots with protruding ends resembling insect bites. However, if the colonies are small, fleas will not cause significant symptoms.

Flea eggs, or nits, are often seen as small yellow, brown, or brown dots before hatching in between the armpit feathers. After hatching, the remaining shell looks white or transparent, and will remain firmly attached to the hair shaft.

How to deal with it?

You can eliminate flea in armpit feathers by routinely cleaning yourself and contaminated personal items. Wash the armpit with a special flea shampoo that is sold freely. Use the product according to instructions. You may need to repeat this treatment for seven to ten days. After that, you can apply an antihuah lotion to your underarm skin. As a further treatment, you may be able to trim your armpit hair so that it is not too long and back into a flea occupancy.

If the medicine and shampoo sold do not kill the lice, consult your doctor further. Your doctor may prescribe stronger treatment.

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