Not Only For Men, These Are 5 Benefits of Boxing for Women

Not Only For Men, These Are 5 Benefits of Boxing for Women

Not Only For Men, These Are 5 Benefits of Boxing for Women


When you hear the word "boxing", what comes to your mind? The muscular, muscular boxer Muhammad Ali, or Manny Pacquiao, a small, agile boxer proud of the Philippines? So, are you familiar with the name Ronda Rousey or Laila Ali? Both are names that successfully scent the world of women's boxing. Yes, even though boxing has been thick with the aura of male masculinity, it does not mean that no woman dares to enter the world of fighting. Moreover, boxing brings its own health benefits for women who are routine. live it What are the benefits of boxing for women?

Various benefits of boxing for women

1. Strengthen the muscles of the arms and shoulders

Women generally have large arms and even sag, because there are more fat deposits than men. Moreover, boxing movements that focus on the different muscles in the arms such as the triceps, biceps, and shoulders can help strengthen the upper body while tightening the arms.

2. Burn more calories

Of all sports, boxing is one type of sport that requires at the same time draining the most energy. If done regularly, the benefits of boxing as an effective way to lose weight can be felt. On average, one hour of boxing can spend up to 200-300 calories.

In addition, boxing can also improve heart and lung fitness. The more you do it regularly and regularly, the heartbeat will become more regular and your lungs will be more effective for taking breaths. In the long run, this makes the body more fit.

3. Train the core muscles and flatten the stomach

The core muscle is a series of muscles that stretches from the lower chest muscles, abdomen, back, and around the pelvis. Core muscles play a role in stabilizing and protecting the spine, and work together in almost every movement of the human body. But just because your body is fit doesn't mean you have strong core muscles.

All movements that are combined during your boxing, both when attacking and defending, can really strengthen your muscle core. Training the core muscles will be very beneficial for you to achieve optimal body fitness and get a flat stomach shape,

4. Train female body strength and balance

A fast and spontaneous boxing movement requires you to always be able to balance your body to survive and /or rise from the hardness of your opponent's punch. A good balance of the body is also needed when you are going to fight back so you don't fall down when swinging a punch.

The benefits of boxing that trains core muscle strength can help form good posture. Gaining flexibility and stability in the abdominal, back and spine muscles through boxing also reduces spinal wear and sharpens fine motor skills. This allows you to react faster and stay balanced on unstable surfaces or when responding to sudden movements. In the end, a good posture and balance can prevent you from the risk of injury.

5. Relieves stress

The benefits of boxing for women do not just stop until physical fitness. Hitting a bag or sparing with a boxing friend can help you manage your emotions in a healthier way.

By boxing, you can vent emotions or anger buried in the heart. Emotions or burdens of thoughts left to accumulate can produce many health problems later on.

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