Not Just Reducing Stress! This is a Myriad of Other Benefits of Listening to Music to Maintain Health

Not Just Reducing Stress! This is a Myriad of Other Benefits of Listening to Music to Maintain Health

Not Just Reducing Stress! This is a Myriad of Other Benefits of Listening to Music to Maintain Health


Listening to music is a favorite stress reliever activity for many people on a hard day. However, do you know there are still many more benefits of music for body health? See here the answer.

Various benefits of music for health

Overcoming chronic headaches and migraines

Yes! Listening to music can help relieve the intensity and frequency of recurrence of chronic headaches and migraines. Researchers theorize that listening to songs can trigger more release of opioids in the brain. Opioids are natural pain relief hormones in the body. Others suspect that listening to music is so distracting from the pain.

Increase endurance

Researchers from the University of Sussex and the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany found that immunoglobin A antibody production, the first line of the immune system, increased after listening to upbeat music for 50 minutes. Levels of stress hormones that can weaken the immune system also decrease after listening to music.

Lowering blood pressure

According to research from the American Society of Hypertension, listening to classical music composed of Mozart or Bach 30 minutes every day can help lower blood pressure.

Interestingly, a study from Germany revealed that the heavy metal genre fronted by old bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden can also reduce blood pressure.

Maintain heart health

Listening to classical music lowers blood pressure and heart rate, while upbeat music that makes a friendship will increase it. This tempo of music affects the relaxation of the heart and simultaneously improves the function of your arteries to relax.

Helps recovery after stroke

Music triggers the brain to activate many neurons simultaneously from various parts of the brain. For example, when you hear music, the brain activates your hearing system but also at the same time "awakens" your motor system. This effect makes you able to join in stomping your feet or shaking your head while listening to your favorite music.

In ex-stroke patients, the benefits of this music can help restore their ability to speak and move. Recent research also shows that listening to classical music can increase visual stimulation in patients who experience visual impairments after a stroke.

Reduces aches

Rhythm of music can reduce muscle tension after heavy physical activity. In addition, music can also expand the range of movement and coordination of the body.

No wonder music therapy is a very important part of the rehabilitation of people with movement disorders. The benefits of this music are also reflected in people who have fibromyalgia, chronic muscle pain.

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