Myths and Facts About Dialysis

Myths and Facts About Dialysis

Myths and Facts About Dialysis


Myth: The only choice for dialysis is to go to a dialysis clinic at least three times per week for hours at a time.

Facts : Dialysis can be done in many ways. You can do hemo-dialysis at a dialysis clinic, hospital, or in the comfort of your own home. Or, you can do peritoneal dialysis done in your home. You and your doctor decide on the form of dialysis and the best place for you, and based on your medical condition and your desires.

Myth: Dialysis is painful.

Fact : Depending on the form of dialysis you choose, if you choose hemodialysis you may have some discomfort when the needle is inserted into the fistula, but most patients usually don't have other problems. Dialysis treatment itself does not cause pain. However, some patients may have a drop in blood pressure which can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches or cramps. However, if you are careful to follow a diet and limit fluids, side effects can be avoided.

Myth: Dialysis is a death sentence.

Facts : No, dialysis helps you live long. If you, your family and your doctor decide that it's time for you to undergo dialysis, that means you will live and feel better.

Myth: Dialysis patients do not have the time or energy to work.

Facts : Many dialysis patients can return to work or school after they are accustomed to dialysis.

Myth: Dialysis patients do not have the right to their treatment.

Facts : You as a patient have a lot of control over your care. Patients have rights that include quality care, privacy, medical information, social work and dietary counseling

Myth: As a dialysis patient, I will feel alone and will be a burden on my family.

Facts : Many dialysis patients, after getting used to dialysis care, they start feeling much better than before starting dialysis. In addition, many dialysis patients are involved in volunteer activities to help others who experience the same conditions as themselves, for example participating in kidney awareness activities.


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