Male Strong Drugs, How Do They Work?

Male Strong Drugs, How Do They Work?

Male Strong Drugs, How Do They Work?


Male Strong Drugs, How Do They Work?

Men sometimes want their stamina in bed to last longer. While getting maximum stamina is certainly not an easy thing. Hot action is usually done at night, while the remaining energy is not much. So when ready to have sex with a partner, sex is not long. Even sometimes the penis does not erect. To overcome this problem, strong drugs are the solution to male stamina problems.

Actually, how do powerful drugs work so they can function quickly? Curious?

How do strong drugs work?

Actually, this strong medicine is still questionable whether or not it is good. We must distinguish between drugs to help erections, and drugs to stimulate erections. The ultimate goal is indeed to erect, but the way it works is different.

Sildenafil or viagra is often referred to as a strong drug in advertisements that you find on the streets, even though the drug is usually prescribed for impotence problems. But did you know that sildenafil is a drug to treat high blood pressure in the lungs? Yes, it requires a process for Sildenafil to become an impotence drug. Sildenafil (viagra) will have no effect if there is no sexual stimulation.

Not only sildenafil can be used to help erections, there are various recommended supplements such as L-arginine, yohimbe, ginkgo, and ginseng. All have the same goal, namely for arterial dilation and relaxation of blood vessels.

Strong drugs work by stimulating the production of the cyclic guanosine monophosphate. These substances can relax the muscles, so that the arteries in the penis widen and blood flows to the penis easily. If you cannot get an erection, this is affected by a blood flow that is not smooth, so the arteries are difficult to expand. While the process of erection requires a dilated artery so that blood can flow to the penis quickly. The blood will be trapped in the corpora cavernosa (the part of the penis), so that an erection occurs. Of course increased blood flow can occur if there is sexual arousal.

Imagine, erection? Besides stimulation, another factor is the nervous system, because when you get a sexual touch, the nervous system in the penis secretes nitric oxide. These substances can stimulate enzymes that produce cyclic substances guanosine monophosphate or cGMP.

What about stimulants or arousal?

There is something called testosterone supplementation. This supplement is part of testosterone therapy. The way testosterone supplements work is to stimulate the production of the hormone testosterone. This hormone is a male sexual hormone. Sexual arousal is influenced by an increase in testosterone.

Low testosterone production can affect men's moods, as well as passion. Even though there is sexual stimulation, it is possible that he does not feel excited.

Is it safe to consume strong drugs?

Although some pills may claim to be herbal or vitamin drugs, still some of the ingredients in them are sometimes not listed on the label. There needs to be further research on the ingredients contained in these strong drugs. Side effects always exist such as dizziness, low blood pressure, nausea, palpitations, even trembling. You also have to be careful with some ingredients like Kava, because it is often associated with liver damage.

Some people who take drugs and supplements do admit to being more attractive, increasing sexual stamina, and feeling more confident when in bed. Some argue that it is our mind's suggestion after taking medicine.

Male self confidence also affects the occurrence of erections. When he took medicine, it was possible that some of him felt confident, so he concluded that the drug was working well. Indeed, the drug works by expanding and relaxing the blood vessels, which is no doubt. However, some other effects are influenced by physical and mental factors as well.

You can get sexual stamina from your diet and exercise. Both of these can make you physically strong and healthy, so that the organs that help the erection process can function properly.

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