Just Calculating Food Calories Is Not Necessarily Effective For Diet

Just Calculating Food Calories Is Not Necessarily Effective For Diet

Just Calculating Food Calories Is Not Necessarily Effective For Diet


Just Calculating Food Calories Is Not Necessarily Effective For Diet

Ideal body weight is everyone's dream. But of course it has an ideal body shape can not only rely on hours of exercise in the gym. Daily food intake must also be considered. On the other hand, carelessly reducing the portion of food can have a negative impact on your diet program. So that the diet effort is not in vain, try to start counting calories in each of your meals.

You can easily check the nutritional label contained in food packaging, or use the calorie counter application on your smart phone. But, why is this important for your "safety" diet?

How much should you need for calories every day?

In general, the calorie needs of healthy men are approximately 2,500 kcal per day while women are advised to meet 2,000 calories per day to meet the body's energy needs.

But the fulfillment of daily calories can also be determined by several factors such as age, weight, physical activity, height, metabolic health, and others. In addition to using the calorie counter calculator which is now widely available on the internet and the app store, you can also calculate the minimum number of calories your body needs with the Harris-Benedict formula.

Why do you need to calculate food calories?

Food calories function like fuel for vehicles. Your body needs to be filled by calories to be able to do all activities and to support bodily functions. But too much and too few calories you get will certainly affect the body.

The purpose of counting calories is to increase your awareness of what you eat, especially when you're on a diet. By knowing all the calories from eating that you consume, you can be more careful in choosing foods and limit your portion of eating in a healthier way.

But, not everyone is compatible with this diet method

The reason why calorie counting is often done is because it is easier to apply. To increase your weight you only need to consume more calories than the number of calories that come out and vice versa. But, in reality it's not that easy, and not everyone fits this way.

1. Calculating calories can trigger a person to overeat

The purpose of calculating true food calories is to control what you eat every day. But for some people, when they know their ideal calorie requirements in a day are (for example) 1200 kcal, this triggers them to not just eat or drink below the recommended standard. They may think that the faster they reduce food calories than recommended, the faster their weight will drop.

On the other hand, some people may feel very constrained by these eating restrictions, so that you cannot really be satisfied. As a result, you will feel wrong if you eat and drink excess or less.

This can eventually cause eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia nervosa, and anorexia. It is also not impossible after you get the weight you want, you will return to your old eating habits

2. Make it lazy to exercise

If you think "cutting" calories from food needs will get good results, think again. According to one study, 95% of those who want to lose weight by reducing calorie intake and exercising excessively are unsuccessful over a period of 3 years. This method will actually tell our body to reduce the metabolic rate, so that it can trigger the effects of yo-yo in the diet.

While some people might think that exercise while on a diet will increase the number of calories. The reason is, regular exercise also requires adequate food intake. This thought makes them deliberately reject the exercise routine or other physical activity, in order to emphasize calorie control from food.

Even though, you don't need to worry about sports or other physical activities because these activities can burn 60-70% of the number of calories you enter.

3. Calories are not just calories

When it comes to the human body, calories are complicated. Everything from protein, fat, and carbohydrates are processed differently. So that simple calculations are not enough and must involve the biological side as well.

When you have to choose between 5 avocados or 5 servings of ice cream, of course the avocado is healthier regardless of both fat and calorie content.

Alternative methods that can be done besides counting calories

Of course counting calories is not something that is prohibited, this method can still be done to see a picture of your diet. In addition to counting calories, there are several ways that you might make it as a consideration, such as eating when you are already hungry, eating smaller portions, choosing foods that use more calories for storage and metabolism such as foods rich in fiber and protein and make sure the food you consume is right, healthy, and not only judged by the amount of calories.

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