Is the Women's Body Fitter Than Men?

Is the Women's Body Fitter Than Men?

Is the Women's Body Fitter Than Men?


A man is blessed with a body that is stronger, bigger, and more muscular than a woman. From this physical difference logically, maybe you would consider men more fit than women. Well, but there are recent findings that show something out of the ordinary about the fitness of men and women. Allegedly women are more fit than men. Is it true? Check out the review of the research below.

What does the current research say?

The Beltramme study and colleagues published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism in 2017 presented results that contradicted the previous findings which stated that men have higher fitness than women.

In this study the opposite is true, women have higher fitness seen from the speed of oxygen formation.

How was this research conducted?

This study involved 18 people, with 9 men and 9 women aged 18-30 years. Respondents in this study had the same Body Mass Index (BMI) number. They also have a high level of physical activity a day.

All respondents measured how much oxygen they used during training and how much carbon dioxide they produced.

After all the respondents warmed up, they were asked to run on the treadmill starting with walking speed. The speed of the treadmill was then increased to reach 80 percent of their maximum heart rate. This exercise is an exercise with a medium intensity category.

The specific measurements taken in this study are to see how fast oxygen uptake will increase from the resting state to the given training phase.

Oxygen output is the level of oxygen consumption that a person's body uses in every minute.

A person's high oxygen output will be maximized to carry out high-intensity exercise activities. People who have high oxygen uptake have better work performance, like it is not easy to waste.

Is the Women's Body Fitter Than Men?

Then what is the result?

Research shows that women adapt more quickly to the given exercise in 30 seconds, while men need 42 seconds to adjust it.

From these results it shows that constant processing of oxygen occurs around 30 percent faster in women than men. Researchers also found that the group of women in this study could channel oxygen to body tissues better.

Faster processing of oxygen in a woman's body can be seen from the condition of a woman's muscles in processing oxygen.

This research shows that women's muscles release oxygen from the blood faster. So scientifically it can be said that women have a higher aerobic fitness system than men.

Therefore, with more rapid processing of oxygen in the body women are thought to be women will not be easier to experience muscle fatigue and tend to be more able to show good exercise performance.

Beltramme said, for now even though men are usually blessed with a stronger body but this condition cannot state that the strength of a man's body signifies he is more fit overall than women.

This controversial finding still needs to be explored further to find out the truth. Beltramme will conduct similar research that is broader and more specific to professional athletes.

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