Is it true that sex drive decreases after uterine lift surgery?

Is it true that sex drive decreases after uterine lift surgery?

Is it true that sex drive decreases after uterine lift surgery?


Surgical removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) often causes various mild side effects, such as decreased sex drive, pelvic pain and around the vagina, until the vagina feels dry. No doubt many women are wondering whether this procedure will affect their sex lives with their partners. So, what exactly is a change in sex drive after lifting the uterus?

Passion for sex after lifting the uterus is affected by changes in the hormone estrogen

According to Dr. Dana B Jacoby, the Gynecologist and Gynecologist said that the fear of sex after removal of the uterus is very common. It's just that the effects of changing the sex drive after lifting the uterus will depend on the type of hysterectomy that is being undertaken.

The removal of the uterus does not actually interfere with sexual function because sexual intercourse is not related to the uterus. Sexual intercourse takes place inside the vagina, which is not much affected by the removal of the uterus, so it does not cause any adverse consequences in relation to sexual function. However, it is different if the ovaries are also removed, especially if they are both.

If you have a complete hysterectomy (the ovary and uterus are removed), this procedure will most likely change your sexual desire. Because, the ovary is responsible for producing testosterone and estrogen which are important in relating and related to sexual arousal. Decreased estrogen levels cause vaginal dryness and thinning of the inner tissues of the vagina which makes sex painful. Pain will not only be experienced by you, but also by your partner.

However, according to Dr. Sarah Choi the Laparoscopic Gynecology and Surgeon Specialist from the Sydney Women 's Endosurgery Center (SWEC), a woman whose uterus has been removed can still maintain her sexual activity as usual.

Tips to maintain sex drive after lifting the uterus

Reasons that make you lazy to have sex after the removal of the uterus can only be answered by yourself. This certainly requires good and open communication.

Sex after lifting the uterus will most likely make your sex drive decrease, so you might not be too excited about making love with your partner. But to still be able to maintain household intimacy, although not always easy to do, you and your partner must routinely communicate openly. You can also ask for help from a household counselor to evaluate your sexual problems.

Most gynecologists recommend that you return to sex after lifting the uterus after six to eight weeks after surgery, when the top of the vagina has healed completely. You are also advised to undergo a check-up to get the green light from your obstetrician. While waiting, it's still another way to express your sexual desires, including hand stimulation foreplay, hugs, kisses, and massages.

In addition, sex after lifting the uterus will also bring various other benefits for you, such as cessation of menstruation and minimal opportunities (even practically zero) for unplanned pregnancies.

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