Is it true that pulling out bans makes a lot more?

Is it true that pulling out bans makes a lot more?

Is it true that pulling out bans makes a lot more?


Have you started growing gray hair in your hair? Have you ever been asked by your father to remove the gray hair which is multiplied by tweezers? Some people believe that pulling gray hair will actually make it multiply. Is this true? Then is it true that you will only get gray when you are old? See the explanation below.

How can the hair turn white?

Hair grows on a scalp structure called a follicle. There are an average of 100,000 to 150,000 follicles on one human scalp.

Our hair is basically white. Colors that have hair, obtained because of the presence of melanin, a pigment that also gives color to the skin. Melanin consists of 2 types of dark melanin (eumelanin) and bright melanin (phaeomelanin).

Melanin is made in a pigment cell called melanosites. In the process of forming hair, melanosites play a role in injecting melanin in cells containing keratin (a protein that plays a role in the formation of nails, hair and human skin). Uban is formed due to lack of melanin, as the color giver. So, several factors that cause darkness and brightness of a person's hair include genetic factors, hormones, age, climate, pollution, and exposure to chemicals.

Various myths and facts about gray hair

Having gray means you are old

Not entirely true. Uban is formed because your hair lacks melanin, the pigment that gives color to your hair. Melanin in each person's hair is different. That is why, there are some people whose hair has turned gray despite being 25 years old, while others have not had gray hair even at the age of 50 years.

When you pull out one gray hair, a lot of other gray hair will grow

False. A doctor revealed that only one strand of hair will grow from one follicle, and the hairs around gray hair will not be affected by whiteness, considering gray hair arises because the pigments in their follicles are dead. So, if you remove one gray hair, the new gray hair will still grow later, because the pigment cells no longer produce pigments to grow black hair. But calm, which grows remains only one, not multiple.

Care should also be taken to remove hair. This is because pulling hair can traumatize the hair, and repeated trauma can cause infection, injury, and potentially baldness.

Uban is stronger than black hair

Not entirely true. Still can not be known with certainty whether the diameter of gray hair is thicker or thinner than black hair. However, some literature explains that, the light in gray is indeed able to make it look thicker.

Lack of vitamin B can increase gray hair growth

Right. The presence of gray hair in the hair of a person aged 35 years is largely due to a lack of vitamin B5 content in the person's body.

You can restore gray to black again without being painted

False. There are no studies that support this assumption. Once the hair changes color because the pigment dies, then the color will always remain that way.

Smoking can speed up the appearance of gray hair

Right. There are several studies that have been able to reveal that acute active smokers appear faster than passive smokers.


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