Is it true that Kangen Water is healthier than ordinary mineral water?

Is it true that Kangen Water is healthier than ordinary mineral water?

Is it true that Kangen Water is healthier than ordinary mineral water?


Is it true that Kangen Water is healthier than ordinary mineral water?

Kangen water aka miss water is on the rise in recent years. Mentioned as drinking water that is healthier than ordinary mineral water, the sale of miss water has also increased, especially among health freaks who care about health. But, what do you miss water and is it healthier?

What do you miss water?

Kangen water is a trademark of alkaline water. Alkaline water itself is water that has a pH level that tends to be higher than ordinary drinking water. Normal drinking water normally has a neutral pH of around 7, while alkaline water has an average pH of 8-9. For this reason, alkaline water is believed to neutralize acids in the body.

pH is a number that indicates how acidic or basic a substance is in the range 0-14. For example, substances that have a pH of 1 are very acidic, and substances that have a pH of 13 are very basic.

Alkaline water like kangen water is believed to have many benefits that are good for the body, such as slowing down the aging process, regulating acid-base balance in the body, and preventing chronic diseases such as cancer. However, is that really true? In addition, do you miss water safe to consume?

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Is miss water natural or artificial?

Natural alkaline water is formed when water passes through rocks - like springs - and transports minerals that can increase alkaline levels. However, some companies sell the products they declare as alkaline water through a chemical process called electrolysis. They explained that the electrolysis process is used to separate water molecules that are more acidic or basic. Although some doctors and experts support this, there are no studies that are strong enough to prove this.

Can you miss your own water?

You can find miss water and other alkaline water in packs produced by factories in supermarkets or maybe health stores. However, did you know that you can also make it yourself at home? Just add the juice of lemon or lime juice to a glass of water. Although acidic, lemon and lime juice contains many minerals that can change the composition of the water to be more alkaline or alkaline.

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What are the benefits of missed water for health?

The benefits of alkaline water such as miss water are still controversial until now. Many health experts doubt its usefulness because there is no strong enough evidence to support the use of alkaline water. However, several studies have shown that alkaline water is very useful in certain conditions.

For example, in 2012, a study found that drinking alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 can help deactivate pepsin, an enzyme that triggers gastric acid reflux. Other studies have shown that consuming alkaline water may be beneficial for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

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Is miss water safe to consume?

What is considered a problem by health experts is not whether alkaline water such as miss water is safe for consumption or not, but whether the health claims heralded for the product are true or not. It is important to remember that, there is not yet sufficient evidence to support the consumption of alkaline water as a therapy for any health condition.

Eating natural alkaline water is generally considered safe, because natural alkaline water also contains natural minerals. However, if you often consume artificial alkaline or factory-made water, you may have to reduce it. Alkaline water produced by factories usually contains fewer minerals that are good for health. If consumed regularly, this water can actually make you lack the minerals you need. A study published by WHO also emphasizes being careful if you make water that is low in minerals as water you consume daily.

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