Is it true that Fat People Are More Vulnerable to Experiencing Impotence?

Is it true that Fat People Are More Vulnerable to Experiencing Impotence?

Is it true that Fat People Are More Vulnerable to Experiencing Impotence?


There are several factors that cause a person to experience erectile dysfunction, the most common factors being hypertension and diabetes. However, there is one more common cause, namely obesity. Why does obesity cause erectile dysfunction?

Effect of fat body on sexual health

Apart from being unsightly, the body that is overweight is also not enjoyable in carrying out sexual activities. In 2008 the Journal of Sexual and Medicine stated that obesity had an impact on sexual health.

In male sexual arousal there is a complex nervous system involving brain tissue, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. Erectile dysfunction is caused by a problem of imbalance in the body's tissue system. Stress and mental health can also cause or make erectile dysfunction increasingly.

In addition, the reason for obesity causes erectile dysfunction is because the production of the hormone testosterone in a fat person's body will decrease. Keep in mind, testosterone is the main sex hormone in the male body and plays an important role in libido and sexual functions. Obesity is also related to the impact of hypertension and heart disease which clearly threatens your prowess in sexual activity.

Why does obesity cause impotence?

Sometimes a combination of physical and psychological problems also causes erectile dysfunction. For example, mild physical conditions that slow down your sexual response might cause anxiety about maintaining an erection, as in the following example.

1. Circulatory disorders of the penis

To get an erection, the penis needs blood flow to his penis. Obesity causes constriction of blood vessels in the lower abdomen and penis, due to dense fat deposits. That way, there will be a disruption of the vascular system of the penis which will cause the blood vessels in the penis not to work properly, and cause the blood flow to be unable to rise towards the penis.

2. Obesity causes plaque in penile blood vessels

Obesity can cause the process of thickening and hardening of the arteries of medium and large arteries, which progresses as a result of fat deposits (plaques) in the lining of the blood vessels. This can limit or inhibit blood flow. This condition is common in men who have excess fat. High cholesterol levels can cause plaque thickening in blood vessels, so erectile dysfunction may occur in the penis.

3. Causes hypogonadism

In medical terms known as low testosterone hormone hypogonadism or andropause, it is common in men over 45 years of age with body weight above normal. Hypogonadism will increase with increasing male weight.

Hypogonadism is a condition in which the male testicles cannot properly release testosterone, sometimes they cannot even produce it. Research shows that the period of low testosterone production occurs in men over 60 years of age is 20%, men aged over 70 years 30%, and men over 80 years 50%.


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